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Beaumanor Hall, Ghost Hunt Friday 3rd September 2021
9pm till 2.00am only £40.00 per person 


Beaumanor Hall situated in the remote village of Woodhouse just outside Loughborough. Is reputed to be extremely  haunted there have been many sightings of ghostly apparitions from a coachman who hung himself in the attic.  to a female who has been seen  wandering the upper floor from the main staircase, many believe that she  is wife of William Perry Herrick. Poltergeist activity has been reported in the main dining room on the lower floor by staff members. Two female staff members reported a plate flying of a large table and smashing when nobody present. Dark shadows have been witnessed and reported in the cellars. The sound of Marching boots have been heard coming from empty rooms in the attic. The sound of scratching from unforeseen hands has been heard on the servants staircase. Will you be joining the Paranormal Eye team on this intense investigation ? 


The Ghosts of Beaumanor Hall 

It's no wonder that beaumanor hall has seen so much Paranormal activity over the last 20 years, This House was built in 1842 however two previous houses  have stood in this spot since 1277. Wandering across the grounds and has also been seen on the main stairwell is a female spirit known as the grey lady. Many believe that this is the lady of the Manor ( Perry herrick). A recent account of activity was by a workman working in the attic where he fled leaving all his tools and refused to ever return. The attic has a very strange and suppressive feel to the point of making you feel as though you are being watched. Doors are often heard slamming shut on the upper levels of the main house, windows banging and disembodied voices.  Elizabeth one of the servants who worked here is said to be heard whispering from one of the empty rooms in the old quarters. Home to the British Armed forces many believe that soldiers haunt the now blocked up tunnels leading from the house to the main village. 


The History of Beaumanor Hall 

Beaumanor Hall has a rich and varied history.  Built between 1842 and 1854 by architect William Railton for the Herrick family, it remained in their possession until World War II when the estate was requisitioned by the War Office. Throughout the war the Hall was used as a secret listening station to intercept encrypted enemy signals. The Hall was bought by Leicestershire County Council in 1974 for use as an education and conference centre.

William Perry Herrick (1794 – 1876) who built the present house in about 1850 was born in Wolverhampton in 1794. His father was Thomas Bainbrigge Herrick who was a barrister and his mother was Mary Perry daughter of James Perry of Eardisley Park. William spent his childhood in his family home Merridale House (now called Bantock House) in Wolverhampton. he went to Oxford and became a barrister. In 1832 his uncle who owned Beaumanor died and as he had no male heirs the property was inherited by William. He also inherited Earlisley Park in 1852 when his maternal uncle James Perry died. These properties and their associated landholdings made him a very wealthy man. He lived with his younger sister Mary Ann Herrick (1796-1871) at Beaumanor for many years. Mary Ann had inherited money from her mother in her own right and was known to be a great benefactor. An account of her generosity was contained in a book about Leicestershire. It stated:

"Many were the gifts made to the church by this benevolent lady ; to give an account of them is impossible. The best known examples of her munificence are the almshouses at Woodhouse, built in 1856 ; a house for the schoolmaster and mistress at Woodhouse Eaves, built in i860 ; the infant school in the same parish, built six years later ; and the dispensary at Loughborough, built in 1862, at a cost of 5000 pounds ; the expense of the last two benefactions being shared by her brother, William Perry Herrick, Esq., of Beaumanor."

William also gave generously to the Anglican Church. In 1872 he paid for the construction of St Marks Church in Leicester with some help from his sister.

In 1862 William married Sophia Christie (1831-1915) who was 37 years his junior and the daughter of Jonathan Henry Christie, a London barrister. The couple had no children. His sister Mary Ann who continued to live at Beaumanor died in 1871 and William died in 1876. He left all of his property to his wife Sophia and on her death to his relative Montagu Curzon.

Sophia managed the Beaumanor estate for the next 40 years and was well regarded by the tenants. She kept a fairly large number of household staff one of whom was Elizabeth Ellerbeck (1843 – 1919) the housekeeper who remained with her for over 30 years.

Sophia died in 1915 and Beaumanor was inherited by William’s relative William Montagu Curzon who took the additional surname of Herrick in 1915 when he became owner of Beaumanor

This Event Includes 

A guided partial history tour  of all the areas, Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions, Evp Sessions, Table tipping, seances and many other different techniques. Tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening. 

Please remember to bring your torch as this location has Cellars and Attic areas to investigate  Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues. 




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