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Paranormal Eye UK are actively monitoring the outbreak of Covid-19. We are aware that the Government along with Health Authorities have advised social distancing. This means, avoiding events or gatherings large or small. We fully understand our responsibilities towards minimising the risk of spreading this virus and we, of course, want to work to ensure the safety of everyone considering the constantly changing information.

Paranormal Eye UK  are working so hard  to manage all upcoming bookings and ongoing enquiries. As I am sure you can appreciate during these unprecedented times, we have a lot of work to do. Therefore, we ask for your patience during this period of high enquiry demand.

Regarding events that will be postponed or bookings that will be affected as a result of the World Health Organisation and the Government advice, please see below.

We are in constant contact with all our locations to ensure that various alternative dates can be offered to bookings affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Like yourselves we do not have a time frame for recommended social distancing. However, you will be guaranteed the opportunity to attend an event with Paranormal Eye UK on a future date when this situation has subsided or resolved.

If you are booked onto an event with Paranormal Eye UK  that is to be postponed, we will contact you via the contact information provided upon booking. Please be patient as we have a lot of people to contact.

Please see our terms and conditions:

In addition to these terms and conditions in respect of this COVID-19 situation please note that we will not be offering refunds for any postponed events. 

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