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A Selection Of Crystal Balls / Spheres 


Green Himalayan Calcite Sphere 

This is a stunning piece this is a lovely sphere / ball 
this comes complete with a plastic stand 
This is approx 5 cm in size 
stunning item 

Green Calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser, removing negativity and releasing energy blockages that prevent personal growth. Like other green crystals and stones, Green Calcite is a stone of abundance and prosperity.

£20.00 Including Postage 


Orange Selenite Sphere 

Orange Selenite Sphere 
This is a beautiful Orange Selenite Ball / Sphere 
This is complete with a plastic stand 
This sphere is approx 4 cm in diameter 

♥ Serenity ♥ Purification ♥ Peace ♥ Meditation ♥ Universal consciousness ♥ Clarity of thought ♥ Purity of heart ♥ Universal love ♥ Integrity ♥ Spirituality ♥ Psychic development ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Positive thoughts

£7.99 Including Postage 


Selenite Sphere 7cm - 8 cm With Stand 

The crystal ball represents the most perfect shape in the Universe because it is equal on all sides.

When using natural stones as crystal balls, the healing energies emit equally throughout the whole sphere. Where as if you are using a pointed crystal, the healing energy will be concentrated through the tip of the stone.

If you can relate to any of these statements, crystal balls can benefit you: 

You love the feel of smooth stones in your hands You are ready to elevate your meditation to the next level You are seeking a soothing shaped gemstone for massage You need group harmony for shared living and/or work spaces

£19.99 including postage 


13 cm Crystal Ball With Stand and Gift Boxed 

In feng shui, crystal balls are used to bring harmonious, calming energy to any space. If a house has many arguments, a clear quartz crystal ball can be placed in the living room to soothe and clear the energy. Crystal balls can also be used in a business setting to smooth the edges of chaotic, competitive energy and make it more productive.

To amplify the power of a crystal ball in your feng shui applications, you can use various crystals, such as rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, or clear quartz. A black obsidian sphere will bring a very strong, grounding energy (excellent for business), while a rose quartz crystal ball will create a gently soothing, loving, and nourishing energy (excellent for a bedroom or children's room).


£41.99 including postage 


15 Cm Large Crystal Ball With Stand and Gift Boxed 

For centuries, since the time of the Celtic Druids, the crystal ball has been shrouded in a veil of occult energy and power. One of the most common visual associations with a clear quartz crystal ball today is the image of a psychic reader gazing into a crystal ball to foretell a person's future or access the past.

For ancient soothsayers and scryers, the crystal ball was not the only tool used to access hidden info. Almost all natural elements, especially fire and water were used to open windows into another dimension. Unlike fire and water, though, (which need special circumstances to be activated for a seer's purpose), the crystal ball is viewed as a powerful, lifelong tool for the skilled practitioner; always available to help

                                             £55.00 including postage 

                                          OUT OF STOCK 

Rose Quartz 4 Cm Diameter Sphere With Stand 

Rose Quartz is a stone of warmth, gentleness, acceptance and love.

It encourages self acceptance, self love, confidence and personal worth.

Rose Quartz is said to open the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by helping forgiveness, and releasing old issues. It encourages kindness on all levels. It teaches forgiveness and tolerance bringing kindness and love into the heart for yourself and others

4 Cm Diameter Rose Quartz Sphere  

£14.00 including postage 

                                              OUT OF STOCK 


10 Cm Crystal Ball With Stand And Gift Boxed 

The crystal ball has the energy of harmony and perfection owing to its spherical shape the superior shape since ancient times. The ball also draws upon it`s l properties. A high quality, clear crystal ball will anchor the energy of light in a very harmonious, smooth and constant motion.

In feng shui, the art of placement and energy flow through a space, a crystal ball can bring a liquid quality of the most subtle healing energy to any space including a home, office or garden. The ball's energy can calm and neutralize many negative emotions while putting the mind to better use from eliminating worries about the future to envisioning a better one

£17.00 Each Plus Postage 

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