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delapre abbey ghost hunts

Delapre Abbey Ghost Hunts

Delapre Abbey Ghost Hunts / Northampton Ghost Nights / Northamptonshire Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting Events at this former nunnery can be a rather frightening experience. The staff and visitors have reported sightings of a ghostly nun in the courtyard of Delapré Abbey. It is unclear if she performs her duties linked to the Abbey's past as a nunnery. During World War II, the Abbey was used to house soldiers. There are rumours that some of these soldiers never left and still wander the staircase in the main house.

Additionally, there have been sightings of a ghostly figure, which is believed to be the spirit of Miss Mary Delapré Abbey and has had many owners over the years. The Tate family lived there from 1546 to 1764 and made several historical renovations while using the building as their home. After that, the Bouverie family moved in, made additional structural changes, and left behind a fascinating history. In 1943, one of the former Bouverie owners passed away in the stable block.

Join the team after dark, and we spend the night in darkness on an intense Paranormal Event.

History of Delapre Abbey

Initially established in 1145 by Simon de Senlis, Earl of Northampton, the Cluniac Nunnery was later used as a chapel where the body of Queen Eleanor was kept in 1290. She was the wife of King Edward I and daughter of Ferdinand, King of Castille. Her body was transported from Lincoln to Westminster, with the funeral cortege stopping at Delapre on 7 December and reaching Westminster on 14 December. During this journey, the King had erected twelve crosses in memory of his late wife, one of which is located in Northampton at the southern end of London Road. This Eleanor Cross is one of only three that still exist today.

In 1460, a significant battle occurred in Northampton between the Lancastrian King Henry VI and exiled Yorkist Edward, Earl of March. Both families wanted their son to succeed the king, who had reigned since 1422. During the battle, the king was captured, held prisoner at the abbey, and later taken to London. This was the only battle of the Wars of the Roses where a defended position was successfully attacked and breached. 


During the reign of Henry VIII, the Dissolution of the Monasteries led to the closure of the nunnery. The Abbess was compelled to surrender the buildings in 1538 following a request from the King's commissioner. It was believed that the buildings were surrendered voluntarily because any resistance would result in the demolition of the buildings.

The Tate family owned the property from 1546 to 1764. Zouch Tate was responsible for several modifications that allowed the building to be used as a residential property, such as creating a new West front, converting the North wing, and altering the East wing. In 1749, Mary Tate inherited the property and, together with her husband Charles Hardy, redesigned the South front, which included the main reception rooms.


In 1764, the Bouverie family bought the house, and Edward Bouverie Jr. demolished the little easting room and built the new library wing at the southwest corner, which is still visible today.


During World War II, the War Office used the property after Mary Bouverie sold the house furniture and moved to Duston. The Northampton Corporation purchased the building in 1946, and Northamptonshire County Council became tenants in 1958 when the County Records Office moved to the building.

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Delapre Abbey Northampton Northamptonshire
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening

Exclusive access after dark 

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Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

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