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Dorchester  Ghost Hunts 

Dorchester Ghost Hunts / Northampton Ghost Hunts / Paranormal Events 

chettle lodge ghost hunts

Chettle Lodge Dorchester 

Ghost Hunts

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Merley House Wimbourne 

Ghost Hunts

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Old Shire Hall Dorchester

Ghost Hunts

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Dorchester Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK 

Are you interested in experiencing a spooky night in Dorchester? If yes, Paranormal Eye UK has covered you with its unique ghost hunt across haunted locations. Dorchester has an incredible history with a great mix of seventeenth-century buildings. The town is full of tales of tunnels, which have been a topic of discussion for decades. Though not much is known about their exact location, new tunnels are discovered every once in a while, which sparks much interest among people. There is a renewed interest in exploring the maze of tunnels under the town.

Join The Paranormal Eye Uk for an overnight ghost hunt.

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