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Graisley Old Hall (Known as the house the cries ) Wolverhampton Ghost Hunts 


This old eerie location Old Graisley Hall  was named by Midland news as the  'The House That Cries' due to pools of water mysteriously appearing in the old hall, this unexplained phenomena has been experienced four times not only by the current owners, but also by visitors to the house on the odd occasion that it was opened up.  This old  house has been at the receiving end of chilling whispers and moans and groans for many years. The Owners who reside on the opposite end of the site have experienced poltergeist activity and strange swirls of mists and lights. The feeling of being watched is extremely common, door handles have been seen going down by unforeseen hands and the doors are often heard rattling. The house that cries is a location that many of our team love to investigate as this location has always been riffed with unexplained happenings. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone ? and turn back time within the house that cries ? 

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