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The Grand Pavillion Ghost Hunts

The Grand Pavilion Matlock Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights / Ghosthunting Events

The Grand Pavillion Ghost Hunts


With such a great history, The Grand Pavilion doesn’t disappoint with paranormal phenomena and is well known in the local area for its mysterious hauntings. Staff, past and present, tell tales of being watched, followed, hearing footsteps and voices and seeing moving shadows out of the corner of their eyes. A few years ago, one member of staff refused to go down the stairs into the cellar area due to the feeling of being watched and strangled. Children often run around the corridors and the main hall, laughing. A smartly dressed pale lady is occasionally seen looking out of one of the top-floor windows as if looking for or waiting for someone. The Stage is home to a grumpy spirit, and visitors often have their clothes tugged in one particular spot; a death is known to have occurred when a lady fell off of the stage exit stairs on the way to the Green Rooms below, and the feeling of unease or being pushed is often reported in this area.

The Grand Pavilion is home to a few mischievous spirits; the sound of a child's laughter and cries is a widespread occurrence. Many people refuse to walk alone down the cellar area as some people have reported being pushed and shoved, and some even say the feeling of being strangled. Strange mists have appeared, coming from nowhere and disappearing as quickly as they came. The sound of heavy footsteps and children running is also heard. Will you dare to join the paranormal eye team here for a ghost-hunting event?  

History of The Grand Pavilion 

The Grand Pavilion is an Edwardian building initially known as the Kursaal. It was built in 1910 on the old stables that once belonged to the Fishpond Hotel over the road. The community built this stunning building to provide a meeting place of shelter and entertainment for the locals and the many tourists visiting Matlock Bath. Back then, as many as 17 trains per day, full of tourists, visited this spa town to take advantage of its natural thermal springs, mines and caverns and the many local Peak District attractions. As a result, Matlock Bath itself prospered as a tourist town, and due to the many visitors, the community came together to plan and build what is now The Grand Pavilion. There was a massive fire down the road at Matlock Town Hall during its building, and the need for a new venue to entertain tourists became urgent. Hence, the council joined forces with the Matlock Bath community to complete the building of this venue as quickly as possible. Since then, The Grand Pavilion, as it is now known, has played host to many different types of entertainment such as theatre productions, tea dances, a cinematic film venue, and was also used to support the forces of both world wars through fundraising concerts and the showing of patriotic films. More recently, it has been used as a nightclub and concert venue, after which, due to lack of funds, the building eventually began to fall into disrepair. The local community formed a Charity – The Grand Pavilion Ltd, reg charity number: 1140608 – which purchased the council’s structure and now runs it as an entertainment venue once again. The Grand Pavilion is now home to live music and theatre performances, exhibitions, pantos and art events, and more! The charity’s sole aim is to raise funds to decorate, repair, restore, and develop this incredible venue so that it can be used for many years to come in the way it was always intended.

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