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Alcester Town Hall Ghost Hunts with Paranormal Eye UK 
Ghost Hunts at the former old hall can only be described as an intense experience! Since the early 1900s, there have been hundreds of reports of paranormal activity here at this location, including poltergeist activity. From dark ghostly shadows, drastic temperature changes, too. This building has had many uses, From an old court to an old lockup to a hospital during the Great War. There have been reports of soldiers dressed in period clothing looking out from the upper windows. Things are said to move when staff members have left items in particular places. Loud, unexplained bangs and thuds are heard. Strange mists have been seen wandering across the lower floor. Many people feel that someone is standing behind them or beside them when nobody is there. Are you ready to join us and discover who haunts Alcester Town Hall to be part of this intense overnight ghost hunt?

This Location Is Situated in the heart of Alcester, Warwickshire. Paranormal activity has occurred at this location for many years; having been constructed in 1641, the Town Hall has a great atmosphere with exposed beams and wooden floors. The Town Hall was originally an open market, which was eventually filled in to create a covered call, and it was made home to the town 'lock-up', the door of which is still on display alongside the town stocks. Much of the upper part of the building hasn't changed since 1641. This location is a must for anyone who wants to explore the paranormal and be part of this intense ghost-hunting night.  


Alcester Town Hall Warwickshire Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunts at Alcester Town Hall

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History Of Sandwich Guildhall

Sandwich Guildhall, Kent, Ghost Hunt

Sandwich Guildhall Ghost Hunts / Kent Ghost Hunts / Overnight Ghost Hunts

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If you're feeling brave and up for an adventure, you can spend the night inside Whittington Castle and participate in an overnight ghost hunt. This castle is known for its historical significance and the many paranormal activities within its walls. The Tudor cottage, great hall, and dungeon are just some areas you can explore.
There have been many reports of ghostly sightings, including a hooded figure under the main gateway, a tall man in a leather apron walking the ruins, and the faces of spirit children peering out of the windows. Some staff members refuse to enter the guard room, which has a chilling and sinister atmosphere.
Join the Paranormal Eye Team as we attempt to uncover the secrets of this eerie, haunted castle. We'll unlock the doors and invite you to be part of this terrifying ghost hunt. Get ready to hear tales of myths, folklore and nasty happenings, and be prepared to encounter the lost souls that occupy this castle.

Whittington Castle Shropshire Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts at Whittington Castle

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30 East Drive Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK

30 East Drive Ghost Hunt

Pontefract West Yorkshire Ghost Nights

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94 Friary Lane, in Nottingham, is now home to the Robin Hood experience. However, this location has a long and chilling history of reported ghostly happenings. The house is believed to be haunted by at least five different spirits, making it a popular spot for paranormal investigations. Situated below the cellar is a deep cave/cavern carved from sandstone, which dates back to the medieval era and indicates that a former site or building existed here. It is no wonder that ghost hunts here can leave even the most hardened ghost hunters in fear, as Nottingham Castle sits at the top of the street. Over the 20th and 21st centuries, many businesses have used this location. It is said that one of the spirits is a male who can become extremely angry. The owners have reported finding taps turned on and electrical items malfunctioning. During previous ghost hunts and ghost nights here, dark shadows have been witnessed walking from room to room on the second floor, disembodied voices have been heard in the Friar Tuck room, and a distressed lady has been heard in the attic area. The paranormal eye team felt an overwhelming urge to visit the dark cellar and former cave deep below, where they believe male energy has a story to tell. Are you ready to face your fears and hold a vigil in the pitch-black cavern deep below this former building? Join us on this overnight ghost hunt for an intense experience.

94 Friary Lane Ghost Hunt, Robin Hood Experience

Nottingham Ghost Nights / Nottinghamshire Ghost Hunts

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Some History Of Abbey House Museum  
Abbey House Museum in Leeds was initially the inner gatehouse for Kirkstall Abbey, a 12th-century Cistercian monastery founded by monks from Fountains Abbey. The museum shows life in Victorian Leeds, with beautifully recreated street scenes. Step into a 19th-century house, shop, and pub, and see what life was like for 19th-century children in the Childhood Galleries.

Kirkstall Abbey was founded as a daughter house of Fountains Abbey in 1147. Twelve monks and an abbot from Fountains established an abbey at Barnoldswick, near Skipton. After five years at Barnoldswick, the monks moved to a new site at Kirkstall, on the River Aire.

Kirkstall Abbey lasted until Henry VIII suppressed it in 1539. The gatehouse had its arched entrance passage blocked at both ends to be transformed into a residence.

Over the next four centuries, it served as a farmhouse and as the home of the Butler family, who operated the nearby Kirkstall Forge. Leeds City Council purchased Abbey House in 1926. The Council opened the house to the public as a museum of bygones and folklore in 1927. In the 1950s, three historical street scenes were added to the museum.

The museum was refurbished and updated in 2001 with a dozen new street scenes, recreating life in Leeds around 1880. Visitors can now stroll along accurately recreated Victorian streets and step inside shops, pubs, and houses.

Abbey House Museum is both a historic house and a museum rolled into one. One feature is the De Lacy Room in the south wing. Initially used as a stable and hayloft, this room was a library by 1870 and a dining room by 1902. The De Lacy Room has a beautiful plasterwork ceiling installed by Colonel T Walter Harding, who lived here from 1890.

Abbey House Museum Leeds Ghost Hunt

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights

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History of Abington Park Museum

Abington Park Northampton Ghost Hunts

Abington Park Ghost Hunts / Northampton Ghost Hunts / Paranormal Events

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Ghost Hunts at the Eerie old mansion is an excellent experience for anyone wanting to explore the paranormal. Alton Towers can be thrilling yet terrifying for some; by night, this eerie location can become a different place; as darkness falls, Alton Towers Mansion brings a new atmosphere with dark energy. That is said to haunt here! On your Alton Towers ghost hunt, your screams turn from thrilling to chilling. This exciting ghost-hunting experience will take you into a bygone age as you ghost hunt around the impressive Towers and allow you to meet the past spirits and ghosts of the building.

The Banqueting Hall is particularly eerie and dismal, and holding a vigil here will leave you no doubt about the existence of the afterlife. The old kitchen area is haunted by the spirit of an older woman who dislikes men, and she will make her presence known to all men, making their experience here even more frightening.

Ghost hunting at Alton Towers ticks all the right boxes for those wishing to encounter paranormal night. Join the team for an overnight ghost hunt in Staffordshire.

Hauntings of Alton Towers

Alton Towers, a spooky abandoned mansion, sits within the theme park’s grounds. These chilling haunted Towers have been investigated many times before, and every new investigation leaves you wanting more. Ghost hunts at Alton Towers are always a fantastic experience for all who attend these Paranormal Nights. Many Disembodied Voices and footsteps, shadows, and ghostly figures are a regular occurrence here, with an overwhelming feeling of being watched. Spend the night on an overnight ghost hunt experience with the Paranormal Eye Team if you dare!

Alton Towers in Staffordshire is known far and wide for its theme park, but the original Alton Towers Mansion still sits within the grounds and has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the UK. The Gothic shell of this once grand stately home is now home to many lost and lonely ghosts and spirits.

So much paranormal activity has been witnessed within the house ruins and surrounding gardens that Alton Towers has gained a well-deserved reputation within the Paranormal world as a truly haunted location. Dragging sounds from empty rooms, light anomalies seen with the naked eye, doors banging shut, and moaning sounds from the Great Hall have all been experienced on ghost hunts here. Many guests have also frozen in fear at this location.

Alton Towers Staffordshire Ghost Hunts

Alton Towers Ghost Hunts / Staffordshire Ghost Hunts / Overnight Ghost Hunts

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However, this terrible tale does not end there, as some believe that Mary may have been the victim of a known serial killer and Jack the Ripper suspect, Frederick Bailey Deeming. Deeming was a renowned criminal and murderer who had murdered his first wife and four children and buried them under the floorboards of their house in Merseyside. Coincidentally, Deeming had just been released after serving time in Hull Jail under the name of Harry Lawson and was free and out in the streets at the time of the murder. According to local writer, historian and paranormal investigator Mike Covell, there were newspaper reports of the time that linked Deeming to the murder of Mary. Deeming was a seafarer and is known to have travelled all over the country and across the world. He had murdered his family in Merseyside by slitting their throats, and the same fate befell the woman he married in Australia, whose murder finally had him brought to justice. Deeming was eventually caught and arrested in March 1892 in Perth, Western Australia. Among the various news reports about Deeming and his reign of terror worldwide, there were stories that he\'d spent time in Whitechapel during 1888 and had supposedly confessed to fellow prisoners during one period in prison that he was indeed Jack the Ripper. At his trial in Australia, the jury took little more than an hour to find him guilty, and Deeming was hanged on Monday, May 23rd, 1892.

Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunts

Ghost Nights With Paranormal Eye Uk / Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunts
Annison's Funeral Parlour is known for its spooky ghost hunts that often leave guests on edge. Dark, ghostly shadows are frequently sighted wandering through the courtyard. Many ghost hunters have fled the old mortuary as reports of being grabbed are common. If you're ready to face your fears and be part of an intense ghost night, this former funeral parlour is the place to be. It is believed that the ghost of Mary haunts the Annison building to this day and has been seen by many visitors and staff.

An overnight ghost hunt at Annison Funeral Parlour awaits the brave-hearted, but beware - even the staff who work in the downstairs pharmacy are terrified and would never dream of going upstairs alone in this scary place. This location is reputed to be the most haunted building in Yorkshire, with ghost sightings that would leave chills down your spine! So why not be part of this unique ghost-hunting experience and join the spirits and ghosts that linger within the building? ience in Hull.

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History Of Anzio Army Camp

Anzio Army Camp Leek Ghost Hunt

Anzio Army Camp Ghost Hunts / Staffordshire Ghost Hunts / Leek Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Tours / Paranormal Nights

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The building is faced with ashlar stone with the over-fussy decorative embellishments typical of the mid-Victorian period.

A purpose-built meeting room was first suggested in 1852 and was combined with a proposal to build a Market Hall. Subscriptions were collected, and various premises in the Marketplace were considered, but the scheme was postponed through insufficient funds. Several local tradesmen formed a trust to purchase a property in St John’s Street, which was rebuilt as a lecture and meeting room (now St John’s Gallery and Café). The Market or Town Hall went ahead as a separate project, and, eventually, another property was purchased in the Market Place and rebuilt as the Market Hall. The stone pediment shows the date 1861 along with the names of the Trustees.

The Hall was built on the site of the Talbot Inn, mentioned in Izaak Walton's and Charles Cotton's "The Complete Angler". In the book, Piscator Junior and Viator stopped here for a drink on horseback before heading for the River Dove at Milldale, an early form of a "drive-through".

Just above the entrance to Townhall Yard is a small memorial to Mr Tom Fearn, aged 40, killed when the balance bar fell from the fire bell, which used to be situated above this entrance and was being rung because of a report of a fire. The bell was used to alert the fire crews to man the fire engine, then kept at the rear of the George and Dragon. Sadly, the alert proved to be a false alarm on this tragic occasion. The phone call was traced to Ella stone, but the culprit was never discovered. Mr Fearn's descendants still live in the Town and arrange for this memorial to be erected in his honour.

Ashbourne Town Hall Ghost Hunts

Ashbourne Townhall, located in the heart of Ashbourne, was built in 1861 on the site of the Talbot Inn. This building is a hidden gem, boasting a variety of rooms. However, it has also gained notoriety for its paranormal activity. The ballroom, in particular, is known for disembodied voices and slamming doors, which have been witnessed on numerous occasions. Visitors to the upper floor kitchen have reported seeing tall, dark figures, and some have claimed to have seen figures in the upper-floor windows. The main hall is also known for sudden, drastic temperature changes that make many people uncomfortable when alone.

There have been hundreds of reports of strange and unexplained happenings at Ashbourne Townhall. Footsteps have been heard coming up and down the stairs when nobody is present. Doors have been seen and heard slamming shut by unseen hands. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, as well as the laughter and singing of children. Some objects have been moved from their original position, and staff members have found them in different places. Dark, tall figures have been seen, leading many to believe that the location is home to many lost souls.

If you're feeling brave, we invite you to join us this evening to explore Ashbourne Townhall and see who or what is haunting this vast building.

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Are you ready for a thrilling ghost hunting experience? Ashwell Prison is the perfect location for those who dare to seek paranormal activity. The vast prison has numerous blocks and is known to be an intimidating place. During previous ghost hunts, visitors reported hearing doors slamming shut, feeling on edge and being watched. Ashwell Prison in Rutland, Leicestershire, was once a Category C men's prison and carries negative energy from the former inmates. However, its intense paranormal activity has given many ghost hunters an unforgettable experience. With separate areas, Ashwell Prison is ideal for those looking to sit alone in rooms holding a watch and waiting for a vigil. During our first visit, we witnessed poltergeist activity, causing many guests to refuse to return to that block. If you're brave enough, will you be the next to go ghost hunting at Ashwell Prison?

Ashwell Prison Oakham Ghost Hunts

Leicestershire Ghost Hunts

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