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Spirit Board / Ouija Board Items 



An octagon shaped spirit board with a Pentagram design and glow in the dark letters and numbers. Comes with a planchette for readings . 

The Board is 40 cm in height and 40 cm in width 

This board is not a toy , We strongly Advise using all communication tools with respect and caution at all times.

£18.99 including postage 


Spirit Board / Talking Board Design Mug


This talking board is presented in its own box, This is a high quality gloss mug.

This is dishwasher and microwave safe.

This makes a really unique and unusual gift.

Measurements of the this mug 10 cm in height , 13 cm in width and 8 cm in depth 

£7.99 Including Postage  



This glass table also doubles as a spirit board and features the popular 'Hocus Pocus' cat artwork by Lisa Parker. Printed on glass, the colours of this table are simply stunning and showcase the artwork as an impressive focal point. This item also comes with a planchette for spirit board readings

Height41cm X Width 40cm X Depth 40cm

£25.99 including postage 


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