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Liverpool Ghost Hunts | Paranormal Events 

Liverpool is a city that holds a rich, complex and often dark history. From world-famous maritime tragedies to hushed-up Victorian melodramas, there have been plenty of murky historical stories told here over the years. And that means there’s often something spectacularly spooky about many of the city’s oldest buildings. So, if it`s Ghost hunt, Haunt night, paranormal investigation, look no further, and join the paranormal eye team on an overnight ghost hunt.

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Lowlands Mansion Ghost Hunts 

Lowlands Manson is a hotspot for paranormal activity. Ghost hunts here at the mansion can be a frightening experience; dark shadows have been reported on previous ghost hunts, disembodied voices, icy colds, and sudden temperatures changes. Are you ready to start your ghost night at the haunted Lowland Mansion Liverpool?

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