Welcome to the official Paranormal Eye UK Store 

Paranormal Eye Uk Official Beanie Hats, These are ideal to keep you warm throughout the winter months and will certainly keep you nice and toasty inside some of the derelict buildings on a ghost hunt ! 

These beanie hats are one size fits all made by Beechfield Original Headwear.

£15.00 including Postage (UK ONLY) 


Hand Painted Portable Fold up Table. This is an ideal portable table spirit board. This is hand painted in Acrylic and the table top is wrapped in a clear vinyl to help protect and this also makes it easier for the glass or planchette to glide. This table is also lighweight,the image and leetering glows under a UV light.  Please nore that the image and colours may vary from the pictures.

The Table size is approx 49 cm in width, height 38 cm and depth 2cm 

When the table is standing it is approx 67 cm in height. 

Please note this is the table only no planchette or glass supplied. 

Most boards are purchased by experienced practitioners. If you have not used a spirit board before, then may we recommend you treat the session with respect. As with any visitors that you invite into your home, when the moment has come for them to leave, then please thank them for their time, wish them a safe journey home and close the door behind them.

£59.99 Including Postage , (UK ONLY) 

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