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ghost hunts in haunted buildings Paranormal Eye UK

Ghost Hunts In haunted Buildings Paranormal Eye UK

Meet the ghosts of Ordsall Hall

Ghost hunts here at Ordsall Hall can be a truly terrifying experience. Known for the many sightings of a white lady  nobody can say  who this enigmatic figure in white is, but most say that she is the spirit of Lady Margaret Radclyffe, who died, broken hearted, in 1599 after the death of her beloved brother Alexander. Sir John Radclyffe is   Said to inhabit the Star Chamber - this former Lord of the Manor is said to be very keen on the ladies! On previous investigations here many guests have reported being touched or pushed and some have reported what appears to be someone touching their face when nobody is present. The Attic is a place many refuse to go alone reports have been the feeling of being pushed over balcony, the feeling of being watched, sudden temperature drops and the sound of doors being opened. Are you brave enough to join the paranormal eye team here at Ordsall Hall ?

History of Ordsall Hall 

Ordsall Hall is a historic house and a former stately home . It dates back more than 820  years, although the oldest surviving parts of the present hall were built in the 15th century. The most important period of Ordsall Hall's life was as the family seat of the Radclyffe family, who lived in the house for more than 300 years. 

Since its sale by the Radclyffes in 1662 the hall has been put to many uses; , a school for clergy, and a radio station among them. The house was bought by the old Salford Council in 1959 and opened to the public in 1972, as a period house and local history museum. The hall is a Grade I listed building.

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ghost hunts in haunted buildings Paranormal Eye UK 

Ghost Hunts in haunted buildings paranormal Eye UK  Ghost Hunts in Haunted Buildings Paranormal Eye UK 

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