Welcome to the  photo gallery of Paranormal Eye Uk, this page is totally dedicated to photographs from which many of the guests have sent to us from the overnight ghost hunts. Some of the images that have been sent in could have a plausible explanation, however some of the images we cannot explain. If you have captured something on either photograph or video from any of our investigations please get in touch, as we would love to see what you may have captured.


Leeds Asylum

This image was taken at Leeds Asylum  (now Thrackray Museum ) in September 2015 by a guest.

The photograph was taken in the pottery room, a  team member was present. 

Once the photograph was taken it was shown immediately to Natalie (team) so no app etc was used.

There was nobody else present in front  of the cabinets whist this was being taken.

Falstaffs Museum

Dudley castle ghost Hunt
mist caught on camera
Both pictures were taken straight after each other picture 1 is clear, picture 2 unclear. Falstaffs museum is a strange building with many people capturing what appears to be mist on their photographs. This could be breathe as the weather conditions were cold and damp and this was taken in the outside courtyard area.This photograph was taken in 2008 by one of our team members. 

Dudley Castle

dudley castle mist

These pictures were taken by a paranormal eye guest however these were NOT taken straight after each other, as you can see one was as it was light the other as it was darker. Interesting catch the photograph below was also taken by a guest at the same location looking up towards the keep. 

drakelow tunnels guest pic

Drakelow Tunnels

These two images are extremely intriguing, these images were taken immediately after each other image one you can see like a cross appearing and image two the cross appears to still be there but more on the floor. Image three has had the colour contrasted to show you the image more clearer.

This image was taken by a guest at Drakelow Tunnels near the ladies dormitories, we thought this was very interesting as the mist  appears to form into the shape of a cross as it hits the floor.   

Drakelow Tunnels mist 2
Drakelow Tunnels mist light

Drakelow Tunnels which is hidden away in Kidderminster, West Midlands is well known for its unexplained paranormal activity. Many investigations at Drakelow Tunnels do find a lot of mist appear in photographs some we believe could be breath as its an extremely cold and damp location. Please keep sending us your findings from investigations.  

Drakelow Tunnels light moving
Drakelow Tunnels

The two pictures above were taken at Drakelow Tunnels, these were taken straight after each other. The first picture has a moving orb (maybe dust) picture two is clear.

These pictures were taken in Tunnel 4.

Below are images again by a guest taken straight after each other as you can see what appears to be mist forming and more apparent in picture 2. The weather conditions that night inside the tunnels were cold and damp, very interesting.

Drakelow tunnels huge
drakelow tunnels
drakelow tunnels
The images above and below are extremely interesting as on the night of the investigation, the guest who was taking them showed us that her camera on her phone was putting these streaks of lines across the images, and these appeared to be getting worse as she took more photographs.
drakelow tunnels kitchen area spooky

The guest who took the photographs, has since told us that her camera only did this at Drakelow tunnels, and has never done this since. This was obviously a technical fault on the camera but what caused this ? Drakelow Tunnels is well known for draining batteries.   

drakelow tunnels

This Photograph again was taken by a guest at Drakelow Tunnels, this was only taken on our first investigation into 2016 at the tunnels.

The guest was taking random photographs as we walked around the tunnels, so the guests could try to get their bearings (impossible in these 3.5 miles of tunnels that all look the same). 

I believe this photo was taken in Tunnel 2, when the guest stopped to have a quick look at the photo`s she had just taken she seen what appeared to be a face. 

All team members were present whilst she was showing us this image, this photograph has been enlarged to show you the image clearer. 

Drakelow Tunnels are well known in the paranormal community, these are a real hotspot for strange unexplained happenings. 

Many strange unexplained images have been captured here, along side of poltergeist activity and strange noises being heard. 

If you are thinking of doing a ghost hunt, Drakelow Tunnels is a must, however please go through a company to do this as the tunnels are owned privately. 

Woodchester Mansion

woodchester mansion

This photograph was taken inside Woodchester mansion, picture 1 is the original, picture 2 we have added a box around the image to show you what to look for. This could be a dust particle caught in a moving motion. There was no drafts when this picture was taken by a paranormal eye guest.  

Armley Mills

Here are two photographs, photograph one is the original, photograph two has been enlarged. This photograph was taken by one of our own team (Lisa) this photograph was taken on the walk around of the building, what makes this extremely interesting, was at the time our medium was picking up on a young girl who had passed from a drowning and said she standing in that area, so Lisa took a photograph on inspecting closer we could see what appears to be a young girl.  

Armley Mills woolen mill
Strange mist shape

Armley Mills was once Europe's largest working woolen mill, many horrific things once took place inside this building, however this building only dates back to the 1800`s as the previous building caught fire, however this building sits on the foundations of the original site. Many children as young as 7 years worked here in cruel harsh conditions.   

Guy's Cliffe House

These are very interesting photographs, these were taken on an afternoon walk around of the estate taken by our own team member (Rachel) this was prior to the investigation. 

Taken at the back the house as you can see we are quite away from the building itself.

guys cliffe house shape in window 2
guys cliffe house shape in window

Below is the same picture we have just enlarged it and of course added the arrows to show you what to look for. On inspection our first thought was this could be light coming through the side of the building reflecting causing this image, but on inspection of the building the building was completing closed at the side so light was causing that. We then looked to see if there was any obvious signs of foliage growing inside the ruins (nothing there either). There was no plastic or sheeting inside, this could be a damp patch on the plaster inside, but we cannot say for sure.

guys cliffe house shape in window close up 2

The Old House

The old house 1 clear
the old house 2 light moving

The above photographs were taken by a guest straight after each other in the cellar area of the old house. These were taken in October 2015 as you can see picture 1 is clear and picture 2 has what appears to be a streak going across the floor. This could be dust however the conditions in the cellar were  very wet (puddles of water on the floor) and there was no open windows or doors. 

Annison Funeral Parlour

These images were also taken by a Paranormal eye guest at the Annison building back in October 2015. Pictures were taken in the same place, these could be dust particles what makes this picture interesting is that the weather conditions that night was it was extremely windy, but as you can see the next picture is mainly clear so that could rule out the wind blowing the dust about.  

annison funeral parlour light

This photograph was taken on Saturday 23rd January 2016, taken from the lower floor but there is something strange in this, it could be a shadow or poss brickwork patch however please take a look. 

annison funeral parlour

Fort Amherst

Here are some pictures that some our guests took that night at Fort Amherst, It was cold and windy night however a steady temperature inside.

fort armhurst  shape
fort armhurst shape outlined

Why and join us on one of our many overnight ghost hunts uk and see what you could experience.

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