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The Mansion House Cardiff 

Ghost Hunt 

Thursday 31st October 2024 7pm - midnight 

Only £49.00 Per Person  


Join us for a spine-tingling ghost hunt at the eerie Mansion House in Cardiff on Friday, September 8th, 2024. This haunted mansion is renowned for its ghostly happenings, with reports of unexplained footsteps, eerie whispers, and eerie apparitions. As dusk falls, you'll have the chance to explore the dark corridors, chilling cellars, and foreboding rooms of this historic property, searching for signs of paranormal activity. Led by experienced paranormal investigators, this ghost hunt promises a hair-raising evening of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena - are you brave enough to join us? Don't miss this rare opportunity to investigate the supernatural occurrences at the Mansion House - book your place now!

Mansion House Halloween Ghost Hunt 31/10/2024

  • • Exclusive access after dark to the many rooms, including bedrooms

    • A tour of the location with the lights on.

    • Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

    • Spiritual Medium during the investigation

    • Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

    • Complimentary light snacks

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