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Scolton Manor Ghost Hunt 

Friday 7th March 2025, 8 pm till 1.00 am 

Only £49.00 Per Person

Are you ready to get your heart racing and experience the paranormal? Join us at Scolton Manor on Friday, 10/01/2025, for a spine-tingling ghost hunt. Discover the history and hauntings of this historic manor as you explore its eerie rooms and corridors under the cover of darkness. With the latest ghost-hunting equipment and guidance from our experienced paranormal investigators, you will have the chance to communicate with the spirits and uncover the mysteries within the walls of Scolton Manor. Whether you're a seasoned ghost hunter or a first-timer, this event promises an unforgettable and hair-raising experience that will leave you questioning the world beyond the living. But beware, as you may just come face to face with the resident spirits of Scolton Manor as you embark on this chilling adventure.

Scolton Manor Ghost Hunt Friday 7/3/2025

  • • Exclusive access after dark to the many rooms, including bedrooms

    • A tour of the location with the lights on.

    • Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

    • Spiritual Medium during the investigation

    • Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

    • Complimentary light snacks

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