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The Commandery Worcestershire Ghost Hunt 

Saturday 16th December 2023, 8 pm Till  1.00 am,

only £49.00 Per Person.


Experience a spine-tingling ghost hunt at The Commandery with Paranormal Eye. This historic site is known for its eerie atmosphere and creepy tales of hauntings. Join our team of experienced paranormal investigators as we explore the dark corners and hidden rooms of this fascinating location, searching for evidence of the supernatural. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert guidance, you'll have the chance to connect with the other side and uncover the secrets of The Commandery's ghostly past. Don't miss this unforgettable experience for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers alik

The Commandery Ghost Hunt Worcestershire

  • Whilst the building can trace its origins back over 1,000 years to its time as a medieval monastic hospital, through the centuries it famously performed a key role as a Royalist headquarters during the Civil War, and for a time in the 19th century as a college catering to the ‘blind sons of gentlemen’.

    The building attributed to Saint Wulfstan was a monastic institution designed to act as a hospital. It seems to have been established with the needs of travellers in mind. Its location, just outside the city walls beside the Sidbury gate, put it at the junction of the main roads from London, Bath and Bristol.

    After serving its original function for nearly 500 years, the hospital was among the last monastic institutions to be dissolved by Henry VIII in 1540. From this date onwards the Commandery was to fulfil a number of vastly varied roles that would see it the focus of national events during the Civil War.

    Even within living memory this fascinating timber-framed building has seen a number of uses. Many will recall its life as the Littlebury Printworks, producing local trade directories among many other publications.

    During the 20th century, the site was made up of several addresses, including 1 Commandery Drive, which was a private family home, and two small shops facing on to Sidbury (now the main entrance), one a wool shop, and the other a sweet shop, which several local people have recalled as a favourite stopping point en route from school.

    Littlebury’s closed its doors in 1973, citing the introduction of Value Added Tax for the loss of more than 50 jobs.

    The company had been careful custodians of the historic building and were keen to see it enter public ownership.

    After several months of negotiation it was finally sold to Worcester City Council in October 1973, and a scheme to restore and convert the building to use as a ‘cultural and leisure centre’ put forward. Initial restoration works took place prior to The Commandery museum opening in 1977 and over the years major works have been necessary, perhaps one of the most memorable being works to the frontage building in the late 1980s, when it was found to be structurally unsafe.

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