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Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunt, Lincolnshire, Saturday 31st July  8pm till 1.00am only £40.00 per person. 


Ghost Hunts at Revesby Abbey 

Revesby Abbey is totally isolated and can only been seen in the distance, Ghost hunts here are extremely popular. The derelict Mansion sits deep within a deer park and has a strange deep eerie feel upon entering. Disembodied voices, being touched or grabbed by unforseen hands, dark ghostly figures are just some of the unexplained happenings here at the Mansion. Are you ready to unlock the Mansions dark hidden secrets ? then join the Paranormal Eye  team as we invite you on this truly intense ghost hunt. 


The Hauntings of Revesby Abbey


Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire Which is has been reputed as haunted for many years. The Abbey can only been seen in the distance with its chimney pots only just showing through the woodlands. Ghost hunts here can be a really frightening experience as we venture into the  basement deep under the abbey with its maze of dark and daunting  endless corridors. Spending the night at Revesby Abbey is really only for those brave enough. Disembodied voices have been heard on ghost hunts here with the Paranormal Eye team, the question is are really brave enough to venture into this abbey`s harrowing past ! 


The History of Revesby Abbey

Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire was once the home of Lady Beryl Groves, this house sits totally isolated from the outside world in its 10 acres of land, with access to the via a lane through the woodlands.Grade 1 listed building dating back to 1845, this eerie chilling house was left totally abandoned and unoccupied since 1968.

The first building to be called Revesby Abbey was a Cistercian monastery, hence the name 'Revesby Abbey'. This Abbey was founded by william de Roumare, Earl of Lincoln, who became a monk himself. Monks from the famous Abbey in Yorkshire, Rievaulx were the first to be sent to inhabit the Abbey, led by Saint Aelred of Rievaulx , and under St Aelred's management the Abbey became one of the most influential Cistercian Abbey's. Saint Aelred is even today considered a great scholar and philosopher, and advised the king of time in many occasions. The abbots became very bad at managing the Abbey though, and so in 1538 the Duke of Norfolk wrote to Thomas Cromwell to inform him the abbey was "in great ruin and decay" (despite the Abbey earning around £600,000 in today`s money) and so it was destroyed like so many others under Henry VIII. The current Revesby Abbey is the third building to be called such and is Grade 1 listed, "Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important; only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I" English Heritage. A Grade 1 listing is the highest possible listing for buildings and hence Revesby Abbey is recognised as one of the most important buildings in the country. This Abbey was designed by renowned Scottish architect William Burn in 1843 and building work finished in 1845. This means the construction of the house took less than two years, to build over 65,000 sq ft of Victorian Luxury, which is astounding considering the lengths they went to. The Abbey is in the 'Jacobethan' or sometimes 'neo Jacobean' Style and was built with 10 acres of formal Gardens, rose harbours and such, all surrounded by a medieval deer park. 



Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions, Evp Sessions, Table tipping, seances and many other different techniques. Tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening, you are also welcome to bring your own snacks.

Please remember to wear suitable footwear and warm clothing even during the summer months, as this location has no heating what so ever and it is a very cold location. Remember to bring your torch.

Please be advised that this location has a long walk from the car parking area to the main entrance so therefore this Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues.


Get Directions to Revesby Abbey 

Revesby Abbey Abbey Roas PE22 7NX

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