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The Spirit House Overnight Ghost hunts, paranormal Nights

The Spirit House Evesham Ghost Hunt 

Spirit House Ghost Hunts and Ghost Nights Paranormal Eye UK 

The Spirit House is a popular destination for those who seek an eerie experience. The cellar is known for its vigorous poltergeist activity that can move heavy furniture. This is not for the faint-hearted, and only the brave should enter for a ghost hunting adventure. In the séance parlour, visitors often hear footsteps, sounds of dragging, and feel icy cold spots appearing out of nowhere. The cellar is where many have reported seeing spirits, causing guests to flee in terror. During the day, the spiritual center is frequented by local visitors, including students, but by night, the house transforms into a completely different place. Witnesses have reported sightings of monks, children, strange creatures, and more. The Paranormal Eye UK team invites you to join them for an overnight ghost hunt. The Spirit House is known as one of the most actively haunted houses in the Midlands, with parts of it dating back to the 12th century. Built from the remaining stones of the old Evesham Abbey, it is a place full of secrets. Are you brave enough to become a real ghost hunter and take part in this ghost hunt?unting event.

History of The Spirit House 

The Spirit House in Evesham was built in Tudor times from the stones of what was once the Old Evesham Abbey. It was built around 1544 but is thought to date back to the 12th Century, and the cellar itself is believed to contain the stones from the old Abbey. This stone comes from when it was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries. The Spirit House sits in the riverside town of Evesham, a city that has seen its fair share of vicious wars and brutal battles. Just outside of Evesham, many hundreds were beheaded and dismembered during the Battle of Evesham, a bloody battle involving Simon DeMontfort, the Sixth Earl of Leicester. The Cellar of The Spirit House is said to have been formed by the stones left from the Old Abbey during the dissolution of the Monastery. This old house has secrets to tell, and many spirits lurking here are ready to tell their tale by the looks of things.

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