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Steelhouse Lane Old Police Station Ghost Hunt,


Spend the night inside this harrowing vast old police station, This location has a very eerie feel and that`s with the lights on ! The Feeling of fear hits you upon entering and although this location now sits empty, you are most defiantly not alone.  

The lock Up has a long  history dating back to Victorian times ,  Steelhouse Lane Police Station was built to hold  50 of The West Midland`s  most hardened criminals, Fred West was one of those that was also held here. 

Join the Paranormal Eye Team as we go in search  for those that haunt this old lock up.  

The Haunting`s of Steelhouse Lane 

The Old Nick  with it`s heavy steel cell doors, Out dated chilling  interview rooms, Many flights of wrought iron stairs, Long open gallery landings it`s no wonder this place  has an eerie  and chilling atmosphere.  There is most certainly  a sense of dread , and we would say its not for the feint hearted . Screams and cries  can be heard from the creepy cold  cells , Metal cells have been heard slamming shut, the sound of pacing footsteps. The Sounds of talking and chattering is often heard when walking through the open landing areas. Can you brave the night inside this old Lock with the Paranormal Eye Team ? 

The History of Steelhouse Lane Old Police Station 

Steelhouse Lane is one of the oldest Police Stations and  lock ups in the country with a Grade 2 listed status, 

Steelhouse Lane police station Was  a police station in central Birmingham, England. It was built for the Birmingham City Police and opened in 1933 as their Central Police Station,replacing a Victorian station on the same site. It remained  in use by their successor, the West Midlands Police, The carvings over the entrances, including the coat of arms of Birmingham, are by the local sculptor William Bloye.

The station sits on a plot of land at the rear of the former Victoria Law Courts (now a magistrates' court), which was originally acquired for the extension of the court building. It faces Birmingham Children's Hospital.

The 1933 station itself, Was not a listed building, but the adjacent, late-nineteenth century cell block on the corner of Coleridge Passage was given Grade II protection on 8 July 1982 for its special architectural interest: the three-story building has a brick andterra cotta  facade with many ornaments, and it has a slate roof. The station sits in Birmingham City Council's Steelhouse Lane conservation area, which was designated in October 1993.A tunnel links the cell block to the courts.


This Event Includes 

  Working in small groups, Evp Sessions, table tipping  and many other different techniques. Tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening. 

Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues., As there are many stairs 



Get Directions to Steel House Lane 

Steelhouse Lane Police Station, Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham B4 6NW

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