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Warwickshire Ghost Tours

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Warwickshire Ghost Tours

Ghost Hunting Tours / Paranormal Tours / Haunted Evenings

When you participate in a ghost hunting event or tour in Warwickshire, you can expect to be part of a small and personal group. This allows for a more intimate and immersive experience as you explore haunted locations.

 During the event, you will receive an introduction to ghost-hunting techniques and equipment. The approach to ghost hunting will combination of  psychic and scientific methods, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the paranormal.

 To enhance your experience,a spiritual medium will be available to provide guidance and connect with any spirits present. This adds an extra layer of insight and understanding to the ghost hunt.

 One of the event's highlights  is the exclusive access you will have to the haunted locations after dark. This creates a truly atmospheric and spine-chilling environment for your ghost-hunting adventure.

 The ghost-hunting experience is designed to be unique and memorable, and a friendly and professional team will accompany you throughout the event. They will ensure your safety and provide expert knowledge and assistance.

 To keep you refreshed during the ghost hunt, complimentary hot and cold drinks will be provided, along with light snacks. This ensures that you can focus on the paranormal investigation without any distractions. So, get ready to make some spooky memories on this thrilling ghost hunting experience in Warwickshire.

Guy’s Cliffe House Ghost Tour

The ghostly energies here really are something else: the upper and lower chapels, bell tower landing, underground tunnels, derelict house, stables, and several ancient caves with strange spooky little openings and rooms, of which one to this day is unknown for its previous use; join the team as we invite you to become a real ghost hunter for the night!

Your ghost hunt at Guys Cliffe House will see you ghost hunting in many areas of the building made available to us, where you can experience glass divination, seances, and so much more.

Falstaff’s Experience

In the heart of the Historic Town of Stratford Upon Avon sits an old medieval building at Number 40, Sheep Street. Known as the Falstaff’s Experience. Known as Tudor World by day

A popular visitor attraction by day – but by night, it is said to be one very active haunted location. It is known to be rife with paranormal activity, and many people refuse to enter after dark! This location offers the ultimate, unique ghost-hunting experience. Falstaff’s has been described by many as a dark, creepy location, and many refuse to enter the attic after dark.

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