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Wales Ghost Nights

Paranormal Eye Uk Wales Ghost Nights, Ghost hunts, Tours and ghost hunting experiences 

Paranormal Eye Uk offers some of the most haunted locations in Wales for overnight ghost hunts, ghost nights, ghost hunting experiences, including the infamous Margam Castle in Port Talbot. The mansion house in Cardiff can be a very daunting and terrifying location. We also ghost hunt at Ruthin Gaol, which has given us so much activity in our events. With some fantastic, spooky places to visit, you should add Wales to your list of haunted locations. Ghost Nights in Wales with Paranormal eye is certainly not for the faint-hearted

# Wales Ghost Nights 

Caldicot Castle wix store.jpg

Caldicot Castle Ghost Nights 

Steeped In History 

Explore the ghostly, eerie castle and face your fears after dark amidst paranormal activity including dark shadows and icy blasts.

A night like no other 

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone 

the mansion house ghost hunts

Mansion House Cardiff Ghost Night 

A Paranormal Hotspot! 

People from all over the world plan on spending a ghost night here, and understandably so. Here, you will hear strange sounds, see shadowy figures and experience the aura of paranormal phenomena.

The overnight ghost hunt will take you to the rarely-seen rooms and the ancient clock tower. And it's at the clock tower that the 3rd Marquis of Bute is reported to have held ghost-summoning experiments. So you can definitely expect some incredible paranormal events here!

cardiff city hall.jpg

City Hall Cardiff Ghost Hunt 

A Paranormal Hotspot! 

This is another perfect location for a ghost-hunting event. The City hall has been home to many years of history, and so many notable families have resided here.

But if you want to be a part of a paranormal investigation, this place has quite a lot to offer too. There have been reports of strange sounds and phantom figures here. And then, who can forget about the legendary tail of a horse and carriage, called the harbinger of death? 

margam castle overnight ghost hunts

Margam Castle Ghost Hunt

The Lonely Castle 

So many people have reported spooky events here that the location has sparked the interest of ghost hunters worldwide. Those who have visited the castle have experienced cold chills, heard unexplained noises and even seen objects moving. And if that wasn't enough, some have even caught glimpses of ghostly figures! What more can you hope for during a ghost-hunting event?

carew castle.jpg

Carew Castle Ghost Hunt 

The Haunted Castle 

So you want a unique paranormal event and not the spotting of ghostly men and women? Then this is the location for you. It's reported that on stormy nights, the castle is visited by the ghost of a Barbary ape!

There are other ghosts here, too, like the kitchen boy, clattering pots and pans and the white lady who can be spotted all night. Yes, this ghost hunt is not for the weak-hearted.

Monmouth Shire Hall Ghost Hunts

Monmouth Shire Hall Ghost Hunt

An Eerie Old Hall

The chilling shire hall has quite a reputation. The courthouse, dark corridors and lower basements all have the perfect setting for a ghost-hunting event. People have reported icy cold mists on the stair walls, doors slamming shut on their own and strange lights here.

Home to many wandering spirits, there are rumours of this building being haunted by a former judge too. And yes, the judge was famous for his cruel sentencing. Sounds scary, doesn't it?

skirrid inn ghost hunts

Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunts

A Spooky Haunted Inn

This mountain inn stands in the shadows and has quite a history. It was previously a courtroom where many convicted felons were hanged. So, do we need to say more? A ghost night here will be terrifying yet exhilarating for anyone!

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