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wales haunted nights

Wales Haunted Nights

Ghost hunts in North and South Wales, ghost hunting nights in eerie mansion House, Margam Castle or ghost hunt in the Monmouth Old Shire. We also have many haunted night ghost-hunting events in Neath, Newport, Cardiff, and Pembrokeshire. Join the team for a haunted night in Wales with the Paranormal Eye Team.

Paranormal Eye Uk provides ghost hunts, Overnight ghost hunts, haunted Nights, ghost-hunting experiences, Sleepovers, and suppers. We cater for private parties along with organised paranormal nights.

Wales Haunted Nights

Paranormal eye Uk can organise your perfect ghost hunt / haunted night event with a database of haunted locations across the U.K to choose from. With most paranormal / ghost hunters returning, we must be doing something right to please our customers who

return for a ghost hunting experience with a difference.

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carew castle ghost hunt
Carew Castle Ghost Hunts / Pembrokeshire Ghost Hunts 

Carew Castle has a long, sinister, dark past; unlawful killings and executions occurred here. This location is a paranormal hotspot; Strange dark shadows are often seen; drastic temperature changes are reported along with the sound of cries and whispers. Will you be joining us at this harrowing location?

Situated In Pembrokeshire, this location has received hundreds of reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained happenings, from strange lights to guests reporting the overwhelming feeling of being watched; some guests have even said being grabbed. With the hundreds of years of gruesome history, it is no wonder this castle has a daunting reputation. Will you encounter the many ghostly sightings here? 

margam castle ghost hunt
Margam Castle Ghost Hunts / Port Talb​ot Ghost Hunts 

A Haunted Castle 

Ghost Hunts here at Margam Castle are certainly not for the faint-hearted; deep growls and groans are experienced in the many empty eerie rooms; strange unexplained lights and mists have been witnessed on the grand staircase. A fierce and violent spirit haunts the gothic-style building; there are also reports of visitors seeing his ghostly figure wandering through the woodlands. Join the team as we open the doors to this mysterious and chilling location. Investigate the enormous grand staircase if you Dare! Riffed with paranormal happenings, this location certainly won’t disappoint.

mansion house ghost night
Mansion House Ghost Hunts / Cardiff Ghost Hunts 

Mansion House Haunted House 

Ghost Hunts here at the Mansion are incredibly frightening at times; People have witnessed and reported loud, disturbing noises coming from the derelict and locked off servants’ quarters. Disembodied voices are coming from areas that nobody is present—the sound of cries and screams and doors opening and slamming shut. Staff refuses to stay alone working as they claim to be being watched by an unknown presence.

This location has a great feel and presence, especially on the upper floors; ghostly apparitions and what appears to be cigarette smoke is often seen within the former lounge and dining rooms here, drastic, sudden temperature changes are often recorded are you ready to enter the Mansion House and hold a vigil to see who is haunting this location? 

Bron Y Garth Old Hospital Ghost Hunts / North Wales Ghost Hunts 

Bron Y Garth Hospital and Prison are situated in Wales. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to do a ghost hunt inside a new Victorian building. Take a step back in time as you enter this daunting dark location. It was initially built as a workhouse then turned into a hospital. The former mortuary is also accessible for anyone who dares to hold a vigil here. Also, this vast location has been a prison where the original cells still stand; walking into this location, you will undoubtedly feel how life was for many who resided here. Many of the original features are still in place at this former hospital, including the many old hospital wards and the long eerie dark corridors. There have already been many ghost hunts here at the former hospital; there have been reports of child's laughter heard, dark ghostly figures along with a solid male presence who likes to make himself known as we invite you to join us on this ghost hunt at the haunted former Hospital. 

monmouthshire ghost hunt
Monmouth Shire Hall Ghost Hunts / Monmouthshire Ghost Hunts

South Wales Ghost Hunts 

The building is said to be home to many wandering spirits; many people believe that this building is haunted by a former judge, known for his harsh and cruel sentencing; he has been witnessed on many occasions by staff and visitors. There have been many reports of unexplained doors slamming shut, cold icy breaths felt in the cells, and unforeseen hands grabbing pieces in the courtroom. Many people who visit this building have reported a strange feeling uneasy. Some believe this is the ghost of a family said to be hanged for stealing. Over the years, numerous reports of strange ghostly figures and dark apparitions from Guardsmen dressed in period clothing are small girls running through the endless corridors. Spend the night in total darkness seeking the many lost souls that are said to haunt here. Face your fears and book your ghost hunt today with the Paranormal Eye Uk team. 

castle coch ghost hunt
Castle Coch Ghost Hunts / Cardiff Ghost Hunts 

South Wales Ghost Hunts 

Join the Paranormal Eye Team as we invite you to be part of this overnight ghost hunt. Join us as we will be unlocking the gates to this fantastic 18th Century Cardiff Castle for the night. Are you brave enough to investigate its many rooms, including its dungeon and eerie courtyard? Many visitors have experienced strange goings-on in the Lady’s bedroom; is this the presence of the alleged Grey Lady? Or are the spirits reported here from an era before the current Castle was built? Dare to join the team for an intense overnight ghost hunt at one of Wales’s most haunted Castles? The Great Hall is always scaring people, even in the daytime when taps and bangs are constantly being heard, and people feel that they have been touched. The chapel is peaceful, but when in there, it always feels as if hidden eyes are watching you. This is a great ghost hunting location and one on the must-do list.

skirrid inn ghost night
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunts - South Wales Ghost Hunts 


Spend the night at this very sinister pub in Wales, the oldest in the Country and reportedly the most haunted, likely because this Inn once doubled as a courthouse where over 150 people were sentenced and hanged from the premises! Numerous staff and visitors have experienced intense paranormal activity here, from the feeling of being approached by the ghostly presence of a former landlady. She strikes without warning and causes unease to audible groans and people feeling pains around their neck. EVPs have often been captured here, too, along with doors slamming of their own accord. Will you be able to brave this old coaching inn when the lights go out? 

ruthin goal ghost night
Ruthin Gaol Ghost Hunts - North Wales Ghost Hunts 

Denbighshire Ghosts 

Step inside this old Gaol, and you’ll soon feel like you’re experiencing the terrifying life many endured incarcerated here. The environment was such that many serving time perished in the dark, over cramped and dirty cells. Along with executions and onsite burials, it is little wonder that Ruthin Gaol is a haunted haven. The team invite you to join them on a lockdown to discover together who still haunts here. The only question is, are you brave enough to sit it out in one of the cells?!

Join the Paranormal eye team for a real and intense ghost hunt. 

beaumaris gaol ghost night
Beaumaris Gaol Ghost Hunts / Anglesey Ghost Hunts 

Haunted Gaol 

Ghost Hunting at Beaumaris Gaol on the Isle of Anglesey is not for the faint-hearted.

With the building being used for many other purposes and a jail, a ghost hunt at Beaumaris Gaol is sure to excite even the most experienced ghost hunter!

Your ghost hunt at Beaumaris Gaol will see you exploring all areas of the building made available to us, where you will be able to experience glass divination, table tipping and a group human pendulum experiment. Plus, Ouija boards will also be on hand for you to use for those comfortable enough – all to aid your communication with the dead. Also, you will have a whole host of the most up-to-date ghost hunting gadgets to use whilst you carry out your ghost hunt. Take part in spirit call-outs and wait to see what happens in the silence that follows.

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