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Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunt

Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunt

Belgrave Hall in Leicester is renowned for its haunted reputation, with numerous reports of ghostly shadows being witnessed by those who have spent the night within its walls. This historic location has a rich history dating back to the 18th century, and its paranormal activity has only added to its allure.

Belgrave Hall is arguably Leicester's most famous haunted landmark. Rumours of paranormal activity have been rife since the last tenants vacated the premises in 1936. Belgrave Hall was spotlighted when security cameras recorded two misty images in 1998. CCTV footage showed a six-foot-tall white figure hovering outside a rear window of the property before disappearing over a nearby wall; many believe this to be Charlotte Ellis, one of the previous resident John Ellis' seven daughters. However, why Charlotte has been named the ghost rather than any of her six sisters remains unknown. Staff and guests have also reported inexplicable shadows and cooking odours floating throughout the building, while they also report hearing mysterious footsteps on the upper floors.

Visitors to the hall continue to report paranormal experiences, from sudden temperature changes to the feeling of being watched.

The ‘Victorian Lady’ has often been heard walking around the upstairs of Belgrave Hall, and on occasions, fleeting glimpses of her have been witnessed by staff and many visitors. A dark figure of a gentleman and children is among many unexplained sightings here. On occasions, the aroma of cooking has been smelt within the Hall when nothing has been cooked. The smells are usually of fresh bread, stewed fruit and gingerbread – all generally referred to as ‘old fashioned’ cooking methods. Doors closing and opening have been reported from unforeseen hands. Belgrave Hall is now a grade II listed property and was constructed in 1709 as a family residence before becoming a museum in 1936. This is a location to investigate for anyone seeking answers or evidence from the paranormal.

History of Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Hall, situated in Belgrave, Leicester, was originally constructed in 1709 as a charming residence for Edmund and Ann Cradock. Nestled within a sprawling 2-acre expanse of meticulously maintained walled gardens, the hall exuded an air of tranquility and elegance. However, fate dealt a cruel blow to the Cradocks, as they both tragically passed away a mere two years after the completion of their beloved home. Consequently, the property changed hands and was subsequently owned by a succession of families.
The Simons family, known for their refined taste and appreciation for architectural beauty, took ownership of Belgrave Hall and cherished it as their own for an impressive span of 45 years. During their tenure, they not only maintained the hall's pristine condition but also undertook the construction of the neighboring Belgrave House, further enhancing the allure of the estate. Following the Simons family, the Vann family assumed stewardship of the hall, leaving an indelible mark on its history for an astonishing 78 years. Their unwavering commitment to preserving the hall's heritage and grandeur solidified its status as a cherished landmark within the community.

In the subsequent years, the Ellis family took the reins of Belgrave Hall, dedicating themselves to its upkeep and preservation for an admirable 76 years. Their unwavering dedication ensured that the hall retained its original splendor, captivating visitors with its timeless charm. Finally, Thomas Morley, a discerning connoisseur of historical architecture, became the proud owner of Belgrave Hall for a period of 13 years. His tenure was marked by a deep appreciation for the hall's rich history and architectural significance.

In 1936, recognizing the cultural and historical value of Belgrave Hall, Leicester City Council made the decision to acquire the property. With this acquisition, the hall underwent a transformation, transitioning from a cherished family home to a museum. This pivotal moment in its history ensured that Belgrave Hall would continue to be cherished and enjoyed by generations to come, as it opened its doors to the public, offering a glimpse into the past and a testament to the enduring legacy of its former inhabitants.

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Belgrave Hall Leicester Leicestershire
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Belgrave Hall gained worldwide recognition in 1999 when security cameras captured footage of two ghostly figures outside the premises. Since then, the building has continued to captivate ghost hunters and enthusiasts due to the numerous unexplained sightings that have taken place within its walls. Even the renowned International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR) paid a visit to Belgrave Hall and discovered several cold spots and residual energies that cannot be easily explained.
Now functioning as a museum, Belgrave Hall has attracted countless visitors who have reported witnessing a spectral lady dressed in old-fashioned attire on the staircase. Many have also claimed to hear footsteps trailing behind them, only to find no one present when they turn around. Additionally, the lower rooms of the building have been a hotspot for poltergeist activity, with objects mysteriously vanishing and reappearing days later, leaving visitors perplexed and intrigued.

For those seeking paranormal experiences, Belgrave Hall offers a plethora of opportunities. Ghost hunts, ghost investigations, and ghost events are regularly organized, providing individuals with the chance to immerse themselves in the world of the supernatural. Whether it's overnight ghost hunts or ghost hunting tours, there are various options available for those interested in delving into the haunted history of Belgrave Hall. These experiences offer a unique blend of thrill and intrigue, allowing participants to explore the paranormal realm firsthand. So, whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter or simply curious about the unknown, Belgrave Hall promises an unforgettable haunted adventure filled with paranormal nights and unforgettable ghostly encounters.

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