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Paranormal Eye Wales Events

Paranormal Eye Uk GHost Hunts

Get The Ultimate Spooky Experience At Wales Ghost Hunts

North / South Wales Ghost Hunting Events/ Ghost Hunts/ Ghost Hunting Experiences

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could experience a paranormal event on your own? Most people think of conducting a paranormal investigation but don't have the resources. Well, we will make it easier for you! Who said you only had the option of ghost hunting in Certain areas? You can become a part of a ghost-hunting event in Wales too! And we know just the perfect locations for the purpose!

Mansion House Paranormal Events

The Mansion House Cardiff

Ghost Hunt

Friday 9th August 2024 

Only £45.00 Per Person 

Caldicot Castle Ghost Hunting Nights

Caldicot Castle Monmouthshire 

Ghost Hunt

Saturday 10th August 2024

Only £49.00 Per Person 

The Mansion House Cardiff Paranormal Evenings

The Mansion House Cardiff

Midweek Halloween Ghost Hunt 

Thursday 31st October 2024

Only £49.00 Per Person

Scolton Manor GHost Nights

Scolton Manor Haverfordwest

Ghost Hunt 

Friday 10th January 2025

Only £49.00 Per Person

The MansionHouse Cardiff GHost HUnts

The Mansion House Cardiff

Ghost Hunt 

Saturday 11th January 2025

Only £45.00 Per Person

Tregoyd House Ghost Hunts

Tregoyd House Brecon Wales 

Ghost Hunt ( Optional Sleepover)

Saturday 8th March 2025 

Only £59.00 Per Person

Ghostly Image Paranormal Eye Events

Paranormal Eye Events offers a thrilling opportunity to explore haunted locations and participate in ghost hunting experiences and paranormal events. Join us for an unforgettable adventure into the unknown.

Get ready to explore the unknown with our captivating ghost hunting events and paranormal investigations. Immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable experience, where you can join ghost tours, participate in paranormal events, and feel the thrill of a haunting night.

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