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Bensham Grove Ghost Hunt

Bensham Grove Ghost Hunt

Step into the haunted past of Bensham Grove, a historic house in Gateshead, Durham, where ghostly shadows and doors that mysteriously open beckon the brave to explore its chilling mysteries.

Bensham Grove is a historic building that dates back to the early 1800s and has a fascinating history. It was initially purchased by Joshua Watson, a Quaker and cheesemonger, and has been passed down through three generations of the Watson family. Bensham Grove is not only known for its legacy but also for its paranormal activity. Elizabeth Watson, one of the most prominent figures associated with Bensham Grove, was a remarkable woman who advocated for women's rights and education. Elizabeth dedicated her life to helping the impoverished residents of Gateshead, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Many believe that her spirit still lingers within the walls of Bensham Grove, as unexplained phenomena often occur. Visitors have reported sudden drops in temperature around the main staircase, as well as the eerie sound of footsteps emanating from locked-off rooms on the first floor. These occurrences are often attributed to Elizabeth's presence.
The attic area of Bensham Grove remains untouched and has never undergone refurbishment. This part of the house has become a source of fear for many guests as children's laughter and giggling can be heard, giving the impression that playful spirits inhabit the attic. Dark shadows have also been spotted peering around doorways, accompanied by disembodied voices and unsettling groans. These paranormal encounters have piqued the curiosity of ghost hunters and enthusiasts alike.

If you are brave enough to delve into the mysteries of Bensham Grove, we invite you to join our team for a ghost hunt. This rarely investigated location offers a unique opportunity to experience the supernatural firsthand. One of the most intriguing spots to explore is the notorious haunted Library, where you can participate in a vigil and potentially contact the spirits. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable and spine-chilling adventure as you navigate the haunted corridors of Bensham Grove. Don't miss the chance to be part of this ghost-hunting event after dark.

Bensham Grove History

Joshua Watson, a cheesemonger living over his shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, bought Bensham Grove and three allotments on Gateshead's Town Fields in the early 1800s. His intention was to use the house as a country cottage for his family. The River Tyne was not as polluted as it became in later years, but it was already showing signs of being the hub of industry and commerce of the future. Thus, Joshua was attracted to the golden cornfields, bluebell woods, and windmills of Bensham. The location was near enough to continue his business on the quayside but rural and healthy for his children.

This marked the beginning of the life-long involvement that three successive generations of the same family had with the house called Bensham Grove. Joshua, Joseph, and Robert Spence Watson, all belonging to a well-respected Quaker family, lived with their families almost continually at Bensham Grove until 1919 when Elizabeth died and bequeathed the house. Each generation enlarged and improved the home, resulting in an eclectic mix of Regency and Victorian features.

Elizabeth Spence Watson was an influential figure in women's rights and education. She also helped the poor of Gateshead in many ways. At home in Bensham Grove, Robert and Elizabeth welcomed various visitors, including artists, craftsmen, educationalists, reformers, poets, and politicians. When the Spence Watsons passed away, Bensham Grove became an Educational Settlement, doing much work during the Depression in the thirties. It remains a center for Adult Education and a busy Community Center.
When the house was donated to the Bensham Community as a Center of Learning, it became known as the Bensham Settlement. Although there have been some inevitable changes, the essence of the house remains. It is easy to imagine the children playing in the garden or visualizing the formal dinners where distinguished guests of all walks of life sat down with the three 'fine specimens of good North Country Englishmen, Quakers...with strong solid intellect..' (Quote from Prime Minister Gladstone).

The house is a Grade 2-listed building, and it still boasts many features such as stained-glass windows, fireplaces, tiles, and decorated ceilings. Many of these were fashionable and bear a strong Arts and Crafts theme. William Morris and some Pre-Raphaelite painters welcomed visitors, and their influence can still be felt in the rooms. Bensham Grove still follows their principles in promoting and improving life in the Bensham Community.

Lastly, the Bensham Grove is also known for its ghost hunting activities.

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Bensham Grove Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ghost Hunt

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Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
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