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Bron Y Garth Hospital Ghost Hunt

Bron Y Garth Hospital Ghost Hunt

Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Wales, Bron y Garth Ghost Hunts beckons the brave-hearted to explore its chilling depths. This hauntingly atmospheric site has gained a reputation for its paranormal activity, attracting thrill-seekers from far and wide. With its eerie aura and mysterious history, this location promises an unforgettable adventure for those who dare to venture into its ghostly realm. Prepare to be captivated by the spine-tingling tales and unexplained phenomena that await you at Bron y Garth Ghost Hunts.

Bron Y Garth Hospital and Prison are located in Wales. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in conducting a ghost hunt in a new Victorian building. As you enter this daunting and dark location, you will feel like you are stepping back in time. Initially, it was built as a workhouse but later turned into a hospital. The former mortuary is also accessible for anyone who dares to hold a vigil here. Additionally, this vast location has been a prison where the original cells still stand. Walking into this location will undoubtedly make you feel how life was for the many who resided here. Many of the original features are still in place at this former hospital, including the old hospital wards and the long, eerie, dark corridors. Ghost hunts have been conducted here previously, and there have been reports of child's laughter heard dark ghostly figures, and a solid male presence who likes to make himself known. We invite you to join us on this ghost hunt at the haunted former Hospital.

History of Bron Y Garth Hospital

The facility originates in the Ffestiniog Union Workhouse, which opened in 1839 and was intended to house the poor and homeless around the area.

Initially, the building could accommodate 150 inmates and over the years, it underwent several revamps.

Run by husband-and-wife John Parry-Jones and Jane Parry-Jones, by 1875, the site had been expanded to include a Victorian vagrants ward, which had space for six working and living cells.

Conditions were far from comfortable, with the workers forced to sleep on a metal wire bed with no mattresses.

The work cells were grim, too - they were used for stone-breaking and had metal grids outside for workers to pass through broken stone when its pieces were small enough.

There was also a mortuary and a separate building known as 'the cottage', which once housed inmates with infectious diseases.

In 1894 the British Medical Journal was commissioned to conduct site visits to around 50 workhouses in Wales and England as part of a campaign to improve the nursing and medical facilities in workhouse infirmaries.

Having visited the Ffestiniog Union Workhouse, it was deemed "inadequate" due to the lack of staff available to run the facility.

After 1930 the site was taken over by Merionethshire Council and redesignated as a Ffestiniog Public Assistance Institution and then joined the NHS as Bron y Garth Hospital in 1948.

After services were transferred to Ysbyty Alltwen in Tremadog in 2009, Ysbyty Bron y Garth was shut down.

The abandoned and forgotten buildings have primarily been left empty and decaying for the past twelve years. Still, the eerie site has many fixtures intact from its time as a hospital and workhouse, including the vagrant's cells, which remain unchanged.

With so much misery from suffering and incarceration from its years as a workhouse and the many deaths from its time as a care home and hospital, it's no wonder this location is believed to be haunted. Ghost hunts with Paranormal Eye UK

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Bron Y Garth Hospital North Wales
Ghost Hunt

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Bron y Garth Ghost Hunts is a renowned paranormal destination nestled in the captivating landscapes of Wales. This dark and haunted location has gained a reputation for its spine-chilling encounters and eerie atmosphere. Offering a wide range of thrilling experiences, Bron y Garth Ghost Hunts is the ultimate destination for those seeking to delve into the realm of the supernatural.

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