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Castle Street Ghost Hunt

Castle Street Ghost Hunt

As you stroll along Castle Street, you can't help but feel the weight of history pressing upon you. The old gaol, with its imposing presence, casts a shadow over the street, its walls echoing with the tales of prisoners long gone. The air is thick with the energy of the past, as if the spirits of those who suffered within its confines still linger

Castle Street Old Gaol in Bolton is a significant historical site since 1876. Initially functioning as a prison and courthouse, it held some of Lancashire's most notorious criminals. Today, visitors can explore the well-preserved courtroom and six cells, retaining their original wooden docks, public galleries, and windows. However, this location is known not only for its historical significance but also for its eerie and paranormal occurrences.
Numerous staff members have reported experiencing strange happenings within the gaol's walls. These include sensations of being grabbed, the sound of echoing footsteps emanating from empty cells, and unexplained whistling and heavy breathing sounds. One staff member even shared a spine-chilling encounter with poltergeist activity in the courtroom. These reports have contributed to the gaol's reputation as a haunted site, attracting those interested in ghost hunting.
If you are brave enough to embark on a ghost hunt at Castle Street Old Gaol, you are in for a truly unique and spine-tingling experience. Many visitors have described feeling an abrupt drop in temperature and hearing the unsettling sound of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor, even when no one else is present. These eerie occurrences have led many to believe that the spirits of former prisoners still linger within the gaol's confines. If you are intrigued by the supernatural and eager to confront your fears, we invite you to join us on a ghost hunt after dark. Prepare to step back in time and immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of Castle Street Old Gaol.

History Of Castle Street Prison

This building has been the site of many dramatic events, with numerous criminals passing through its doors. Dating back to 1876, the building was once a police station but has not been in use since 2004. Despite this, it has been designated as a Grade II listed building, and the new owners have invested £500,000 in purchasing and refurbishing it. Plans are in place to turn parts of the building into a museum, and visitors can expect to see the original courtroom and cells, complete with a wooden dock and public gallery. Six cells are located underneath the main courtroom, some of which still contain the original beds - simple wooden planks screwed to the walls. All of the doors and windows inside the cells are original, and visitors can also explore an incident room. In this darkroom, police once developed photographic evidence, eight garages, stables, and outdoor toilet facilities.

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Castle Street Old Gaol Bolton
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Complimentary light snacks

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Castle Street is a renowned location that holds the remnants of an ancient gaol, which is said to be haunted by spirits from the past. This street is not only steeped in untold history but also shrouded in mystery and paranormal activity. The old gaol, with its eerie atmosphere, has become a hotspot for those seeking thrilling experiences related to the supernatural.

Numerous paranormal events have taken place within the confines of this haunted gaol, attracting enthusiasts from all over. Ghost hunts, ghost investigations, and ghost events are regularly organized here, providing individuals with the opportunity to delve into the realm of the unknown. These ghost hunting nights and overnight ghost hunts offer a unique chance to explore the haunted premises and potentially encounter the spirits that reside within.

For those in the United Kingdom or searching for ghost hunts near their location, Castle Street is a must-visit destination. It promises an unforgettable ghost-hunting adventure, immersing participants in the haunted atmosphere and witnessing paranormal phenomena firsthand. The haunted adventure offered here is unlike any other, combining the thrill of ghost hunting with the rich history and haunting ambience of the old gaol.

Furthermore, Castle Street caters to individuals seeking a ghost-hunting experience like no other. With its haunt nights and paranormal nights, visitors can engage in various activities that revolve around the supernatural. From participating in ghost hunts to joining paranormal investigations, there are endless opportunities to explore the haunted side of Castle Street.

Ghost nights and ghost hunting tours are also available for those who prefer a guided experience. These tours provide valuable insights into the history and paranormal occurrences of the old gaol. Expert guides lead visitors through the haunted premises, sharing spine-chilling stories and conducting paranormal investigations.

In summary, Castle Street's old gaol has immense historical significance and paranormal intrigue. It offers a wide range of ghost-hunting experiences, including ghost hunts, investigations, events, and overnight ghost hunts. Whether you are a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or simply curious about the supernatural, Castle Street provides an unforgettable haunted adventure filled with ghostly encounters and paranormal investigations.

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