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Fort Widley Portsmouth Ghost Hunt

Fort Widley Portsmouth Ghost Hunt

Haunted Chilling Tunnels ghostly sightings will you dare join us?

Fort Widley, situated on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth, is one of the forts constructed to safeguard the city from potential land and sea attacks. Built between 1860 and 1868, this historic fort played a crucial role during the Victorian era, accommodating infantry units in its barracks and other forts in the Portsdown Hill area. Throughout its existence, Fort Widley has witnessed the tumultuous events of both the First and Second World Wars, serving as a vital defence structure. Today, it is a testament to the past, designated as a grade 2 listed building.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Fort Widley lies beneath its surface, where a labyrinth of underground tunnels and chambers awaits exploration. Over its 140-year history, this expansive location has garnered a reputation for paranormal activity and ghostly sightings. Numerous reports have detailed eerie encounters, including the haunting sound of ghostly whistles believed to originate from a sergeant major and a drummer boy who met a tragic fate on the spiral staircase. Visitors and paranormal investigators have also experienced unexplained phenomena such as footsteps, banging noises, and the sound of dragging objects. It is believed that a female spirit lingers within the fort, her energy forever tied to the site where she met her demise.

If you are seeking an unforgettable and spine-chilling experience, the Paranormal Eye team invites you to join them for a night of ghost hunting at Fort Widley. As a paranormal investigator for the evening, you will have the opportunity to explore the daunting maze of underground tunnels and chambers, attempting to make contact with the spirits that are said to haunt this location. Whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter or simply curious about the supernatural, this ghost hunting adventure promises to be an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Prepare yourself for a night filled with paranormal events, ghostly encounters, and the chance to delve into the mysteries of this haunted fortress.

The History of Fort Widley

Fort Widley, a polygonal fort, was originally designed by William Crossman, an officer of the Royal Engineers, who served under the Inspector General of Fortifications at the War Office. Constructed primarily from chalk, the fort incorporated red brick and local flint for its buildings and revetment. Additionally, a large dry ditch was excavated during the construction process.

The fort's armament was divided into three distinct categories. The main armament was situated on a semi-circular rampart, providing a formidable defense. High angle armament was supplied by 13-inch mortars, which were strategically placed in two protected mortar batteries. Lastly, close range armament was mounted in one full and two demi-caponiers, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

To accommodate the garrison, the fort included barracks for both officers and enlisted personnel. This ensured that the necessary facilities were available to support the fort's operations and provide suitable living quarters for the military personnel stationed there.

However, concerns regarding the forts' effectiveness arose even before their completion, as advancements in weapons technology posed challenges. As a result, the forts were not initially equipped with guns and experienced a delay in their armament installation. Consequently, modifications were made to the fort's planned armament. The originally intended 68-pounder smooth-bore guns were never installed, and it is believed that RBL 7 inch Armstrong guns were the fort's first armament. In 1885, Fort Widley was reported to have been fitted with some ordnance, while the other forts in the Portsdown area were still awaiting their guns. By the 1890s, the fort boasted an arsenal consisting of five RML 6.6-inch howitzers, ten RBL 7 inch Armstrong guns, two RML 8 inch howitzers, and nine RBL 40 pounder Armstrong guns on carriages that could be easily relocated as needed. However, in 1902, the guns were removed from Fort Widley, marking the end of its active military role.

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Fort Widley Portsmouth
Ghost Hunt

Please note that all attendees must be at least 18 years old.
Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be allowed to enter the premises.
As this location is old and dark, each attendee must bring a torch.
Wearing sensible shoes is required. Heels or sandals are not permitted.
We recommend wearing warm clothing, as this location can become very cold after dark, even during summer. Please be aware that this location is not wheelchair accessible.
Not suitable for heavily pregnant ladies.
Kindly arrive 15 minutes before the event starts

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Fort Widley, located in Portsmouth, conceals a fascinating network of underground tunnels that stretches deep below the surface. These tunnels, shrouded in complete darkness, create an eerie atmosphere that adds to the mystique of the fort.

The pitch-black conditions within the labyrinth of tunnels make it an ideal location for paranormal events, ghost hunts, and ghost investigations. Many enthusiasts and thrill-seekers flock to Fort Widley to experience the adrenaline rush of exploring these haunted passageways. Ghost events and ghost hunting nights are organised regularly, allowing participants to delve into the realm of the supernatural.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, overnight ghost hunts allow individuals to spend the entire night within the fort's chilling confines. These ghost hunts in the UK attract people from all over, as they offer a unique and spine-tingling adventure. Additionally, ghost hunting tours and paranormal investigations are conducted, providing a guided exploration of the haunted tunnels and sharing stories of ghost sightings and encounters.

Haunted weekends and ghost hunting experiences are also organised, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the haunted history of Fort Widley fully. The haunted buildings within the fort serve as a backdrop for these events, adding an extra layer of intrigue and mystery. Some even opt for a ghost sleepover, spending the night in one of the haunted rooms to increase their chances of encountering a ghostly presence.

In summary, Fort Widley in Portsmouth is a historical site and a hub for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters. Its pitch-black tunnels offer a unique and thrilling experience for those seeking to explore the supernatural. Whether it's a ghost hunting adventure, a haunted weekend, or a ghost tour, Fort Widley provides an unforgettable journey into the realm of the unknown.

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