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Lancaster Castle Ghost Hunt

Lancaster Castle Ghost Hunt

This location has a haunting past, with a building that holds a dark and sorrowful history. Until 1865, it was a site where executions by hanging were carried out, leaving behind a chilling legacy.

Ghost Hunts at Lancaster Castle are like no other! These are terrifying, genuine experiences. Lancaster Castle is a place steeped in chilling and brutal history! It is known for its strong historical connections to the Pendle witches, five of whom were said to have been held and imprisoned here before they met their gruesome end, and the many myths of the witches come to an end. Lancaster Castle was the final destination for these women; they were incarcerated in a dark, disgusting, gloomy cell known as the Well Tower and shackled to the floor before being hanged for witchcraft. Demdyke, one of the witches, met her death here whilst awaiting trial, unable to withstand the brutal conditions. This Castle has been used as a prison since 1196 and has held many of the worst criminals. The Castle has a very dark and sinister history. Many executions by hanging took place here until 1865. Lancaster Castle is a very eerie place by day and terrifying at night.

Can you face your fears and become a real ghost hunter for the night on this intense ghost hunt?

There are many reported ghosts at the Castle, It No Surprise, with over a thousand years of history. You never know who you will encounter. Tour Guides within the castle have witnessed many unexplained happenings, from whispers, cries, footsteps and strange mists. CCTV Footage captured a shadow figure walking inside the gatehouse entrance—visitors who visit during the daytime report the sound of screams and report being pushed by unforeseen hands. The Barristers Library is a hotspot for paranormal activity. Strange cries are often heard coming from that empty room! Over 200 prisoners were executed on this site. Join the paranormal eye team as we unlock Lancaster Castle and invite you to be part of a unique ghost hunting experience.

The Black Monk
He has been seen wandering the ground level of this vast Castle; Legend is that he was hanged here at the prison. Many people sense his presence.

The Young Girl
Many past inmates and prison staff have reported seeing a young girl; sometimes, her cries can be heard from the long, eerie corridors within the Castle.

Old Demdyke (One of Pendle Witches)
During the 1612 trials of the Pendle Witch Trials, Old Demdyke died in one of the cells. Her spirit is believed responsible for much of the paranormal and poltergeist activity in the old cell within the Well Tower.

History Of Lancaster Castle

One of the castle's earliest uses was as a prison, first recorded in 1196. This became the primary function of Lancaster Castle during the English Civil War of 1642 - 1651. Royalist soldiers failed in their attempt to gain control and were imprisoned there. The original timber castle was replaced with stone during the late 12th and early 13th centuries. The court was again made stronger before the Spanish Invasion. After Elizabeth I was excommunicated in 1570, she declared all Roman Catholics guilty of treason. Any living within the area were taken to Lancaster Castle for trial.

Lancaster Castle has served as a county gaol, a debtor's prison and a category C modern prison. The prison reformer John Howard visited in 1776 and noted the dirty conditions. Improvements were made to sanitation around this time. More prisoners died from gaol fever in the 18th century than from hanging. Public executions were moved indoors in 1868, and the last took place in 1910. The prison closed in 1916 but was used again during WWI to hold German soldiers.

Between 1931 and 1937, the council used the building to train police officers. It re-opened as a prison in 1955 and remained in full use until 2011 because it was outdated and costly.

The Pendle Witch Trials were held at Lancaster Castle in 1612. The 12 accused lived in the area around Pendle Hill and were charged with ten murders by witchcraft. All but two, along with the Samlesbury Witches, were tried at the Lancaster Assizes on 18th-19th August. The trials became known as the Lancashire Witch Trials. Nine women and two men were found guilty and hanged. Old Demdyke died in her prison cell in the Well Tower at Lancaster Castle before the trial began. In 1996, a petition was sent to the UK Home Secretary asking that the witches be pardoned but was refused.

This dark history of Lancaster Castle is long and harsh. It dates back to Roman times, where it stood against the ancient Picts and Scots tribes. Owned by the Duchy of Lancaster (The Queen), the castle has survived many invasions. The Lancashire Witch Trials were held here in 1612, including the notorious Pendle Witches. More than 265 public hangings took place from 1762 – to 1865 for anything from murder to cattle theft. Until 2011, it was a Category C Prison, and German prisoners were held there during the First World War.

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Lancaster Castle Lancashire
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
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Lancaster Castle is steeped in a rich and chilling history, making it a magnet for paranormal activity. With a history spanning over 1,000 years, the castle is home to countless ghostly encounters. Tour guides have reported hearing hushed whispers and the sound of footsteps echoing through the Courtroom, while one guide, while locking up for the night, felt an eerie presence by her side and heard an inexplicable high-pitched sound. In the cell where the Pendle Witches were held before their trial, witnesses have seen blue orbs with their own eyes, adding to the eerie atmosphere. The Barrister's Library has also been a source of paranormal activity, with visitors hearing unexplained crying, even when the room is empty. The castle's security footage captured a shadowy figure walking inside the gatehouse entrance, further adding to the mystery. Visitors have also reported being pushed during their daytime visits, an occurrence that the staff has come to accept as a common event. With over 200 prisoners executed on the premises, it is no wonder that Lancaster Castle is a hotbed of supernatural occurrences. The castle's dark and tragic history, coupled with the intense suffering endured by its prisoners, makes it a truly terrifying place to explore. Join us for an overnight ghost hunt at Lancaster Castle if you dare to experience the paranormal firsthand.

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