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Sandwich Guildhall Kent Ghost Hunt

Sandwich Guildhall Kent Ghost Hunt

Experience the spine-chilling atmosphere of the haunted and eerie Guildhall as you embark on a daring adventure like no other. Join us if you dare, and prepare to be captivated by the mysterious aura that surrounds this historic landmark.

Ghost Hunts at Sandwich Guildhall with Paranormal Eye UK

The location dates back to the 1500s with a minimal history known; join the team as we are unlocking the doors and invite you to be part of this ghost hunt at the chilling location of Sandwich Guildhall. The land itself has had two previous buildings sitting on the site. There have been many ghost hunts held here over the years, and there are said to be many ghostly sightings, strange unexplained footsteps, and the terrifying feeling of being watched. Dark mists and a weird glow of lights have been reported. The surrounding streets are said to date to the doomsday book; the village has a gruesome history of brutal invasions. Many believe there was once a link to the former buildings and the church very close by; Many people have witnessed these dark ghostly figures and think they could be connected to the former Church. Will we encounter the young boy who we believe to be a pickpocket? Join the team on this intense ghost hunt at the historic site of Sandwich Guildhall.

History Of Sandwich Guildhall

The Guildhall in the town square of Sandwich was built in 1579. Guildhall was constructed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

The building has enlarged since the times of the Tudors. However, the structure may have changed, but its ghostly residents have remained.

This remarkable building holds antique panelling and paintings, particularly within the council chamber. This is a Grade II* listed building.

Sandwich is now about two miles from the sea, but the River Stour used to be large enough for extensive trading and warships to sail to and from the quay. This large harbour was called Sandwich Haven.

Matthew Ship in Sandwich Kent

A tight squeeze for The Sandwich Haven

It was also large enough for invading ships, and the town was invaded many times. For example, in 1457, the town was attacked by 4,000 Frenchmen (mainly from Honfleur) under Marshal Pierre de Breze or, as English accounts call him, Peter Brassey. The Mayor of Sandwich, John Drury, was killed and many citizens. In memory of this event, the Mayor of Sandwich still wears a black robe.

All is forgiven today, however, and the town of Honfleur is now a twin town of Sandwich.

Sandwich was and still is a principle Cinque port. The Cinque Ports were a confederation of five harbours, Sandwich, Romney, Dover, Hythe, and Hastings. They supplied the Crown with ships and men for over 300 years. In return, they received freedom from tolls and customs duties, freedom to trade and hold their judicial courts, and many other privileges.

Today, these towns are still known as the Cinque Ports, but the coastline has changed considerably over the centuries, and only Dover retains its major port status.

Sandwich still retains the tradition of collecting 'Ship Money' from its associate towns; the ceremony is held in the old Courtroom in the Guildhall every year.

Ghost hunts with Paranormal Eye

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Sandwich Guildhall Kent
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
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Complimentary light snacks

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