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Sheffield Fire Museum Sheffield Ghost Hunts

Sheffield Fire Museum Sheffield Ghost Hunts

Sheffield Ghost Hunts / South Yorkshire Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Nights

Are you into ghost hunting? If so, you might want to check out the Sheffield Fire and Police Museum. It's said that the building houses several ghosts, including a young pickpocket in the fire station and an angry male spirit in the police station and cells. Visitors often feel like they're being watched by the male spirit, who can be heard stomping up and down the corridor. Ed Cain, the source of much of the paranormal activity, is known to have a short temper and to throw objects around, especially in the cell where he was once held.
If you're feeling brave, join the Paranormal Eye UK team for an intense ghost-hunting experience at the Haunted Sheffield Fire and Police Museum. You'll have the opportunity to participate in vigils, seances, experiments, and investigations. The original police cells are particularly terrifying, with ghost hunters reporting poltergeist activity, unexplained shadows, cold spots, and extreme temperature drops. There have also been voice recordings captured in various locations. Don't let your fears get the best of you - come and be a part of the action!

The History of Sheffield Fire Museum

The museum is located in one of Yorkshire’s first purpose-built combined Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations dating back to 1898. This fantastic building houses over 45 vehicles relating to the world’s Emergency Services, from Horse Drawn Fire Engines to Ambulances and from Police Cars to Mines Rescue!

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Sheffield Police Fire Museum South Yorkshire
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Complimentary light snacks

Get Directions To Sheffield Fire Service

We are thrilled to offer exclusive ghost hunting experiences at Sheffield Fire Museuml and other haunted locations. Our team of experienced investigators will guide you through the dark and eerie halls as we search for evidence of the paranormal. Take a look at our past projects to get a glimpse of the spine-tingling adventures we offer.

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Featured Events

Discover an unparalleled haunted experience at Sheffield Fire Museum, unlike any other. Join our team as we extend a special invitation for you to participate in a thrilling ghost hunting event.

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