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Warwick Old Courts Ghost Hunt

Warwick Old Courts Ghost Hunt

Discover the chilling secrets of Warwick's haunted old courts, where a dark and daunting past awaits ghost hunters and history enthusiasts alike.

Warwick Court and the Shire Hall, located in the heart of the historic town of Warwick, hold a significant place in history due to its long-standing reputation for paranormal activity. This expansive and imposing structure boasts two grand courtrooms, numerous chilling holding cells, and a foreboding 17th-century Dungeon. The sheer darkness that envelops this ancient building is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. Visiting this eerie location promises an intense ghost hunt that will leave you yearning for more answers about the unsettling events within its walls. The sensation experienced within the cold, dimly lit holding cells is truly otherworldly. Brace yourself as you step into the enigmatic world of Warwick's old Courts, a place that is seldom explored.
This remarkable grade I listed building has witnessed countless trials, convictions, and executions. The tiered seating surrounding the judge's chair, adorned with the very hook from which the black cap, symbolising the death sentence, would hang, serves as a chilling reminder of the grim history that unfolded here. Reports of blood-curdling screams and haunting cries emanating from the depths below have left many visitors perplexed. Some even claim to have heard the anguished voices of women and children echoing through the corridors. The 17th-century dungeon, with its ominous shackles and massive iron rings still intact, has been the source of numerous spine-tingling encounters. Witnesses have reported the eerie sound of these restraints being moved and dragged as if by an unseen force. Dark, ghostly figures materialise fleetingly, only to vanish in the blink of an eye. Join us as we extend an invitation to explore the mysteries that lie within Warwick's old courts through an intense investigation.

Dare you to venture into the unknown? Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey into Warwick's haunted past.

History Of Old Warwick Courts

Warwick Courts was built in 1750 to the designs of Sanderson Miller

The Law Courts at The Old Shire Hall were used by the judiciary until 2010. Originally used for assizes and quarter sessions, the courts served as crown and county courts following the Court Act of 1971. The octagonal courtrooms 1 and 2 are identical in style, with elaborately decorated high-domed ceilings and Corinthian columns. The tiered seating surrounds the canopied judge’s chair which still displays the hook upon which the black cap, traditionally worn when passing the death sentence, would hang.

Guests are still able to retrace the steps of sentenced prisoners from the dock, through the back of the courtroom and down to the holding cells which were still in use until late November 2010.

A flight of stone steps leads from the basement to the darkened 17th century dungeon which dates back to the original county gaol. These well-trodden steps were worn down by centuries of prisoners, who were chained to posts and exposed to the elements from a small grated opening above.

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Shire Hall Warwick Warwickshire
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
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Warwick Old Courts offers a truly immersive experience for those seeking a thrilling encounter with the supernatural. With its rich historical background and eerie ambience, this haunted location is the perfect setting for paranormal enthusiasts. Embark on a journey into the unknown with our range of activities, including ghost hunts, ghost investigations, and ghost events.

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