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Four Crosses Ghost Hunt 

Saturday 18th May 2024 



If you're easily frightened, then a ghost hunt at The Four Crosses in Cannock isn't for you. This inn dates back to the 17th century and has a sinister past. Former owners have left feeling uneasy, and some have even sworn never to return. Visitors have reported ghostly sightings, heavy footsteps, and sudden temperature changes. A visit to this haunted location will undoubtedly leave you feeling spooked. The Paranormal Eye UK team invites you to join them for a real ghost-hunting experience at The Four Crosses after dark. Are you ready to become a ghost hunter for the night?

During previous investigations, our guests have reported experiencing various paranormal occurrences such as seeing unexplained lights, feeling an overwhelming urge to leave the upper chapel room, encountering dark ghostly figures, and even being touched.

The Four Crosses Ghost Hunt

  • You are working in small groups.

    Participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions, Evp Sessions, Table tipping, seances, and many other techniques.

    Tea/coffee and light snacks.

    Spiritual Medium for the evening

    Exclusive access after dark to this haunted Inn, With the option to sleepover 

    PLEASE NOTE that you are required to bring your own sleeping bags/pillows and camp beds if you are sleeping over. 

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