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The Commandery Worcester Ghost Hunt

Uncover the Secrets of The Commandery Haunt Night Ghost Hunts

The Commandery Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK


The Commandery, a medieval monastic hospital with over a thousand years of history, is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Throughout the years, it has served as a Royalist headquarters during the Civil War and was even a college for blind gentlemen's sons in the 19th century. The site of Charles II's base during the Battle of Worcester in 1651, which marked the end of the Civil War in England, is also located here. The Commandery has a diverse and rich history, and some believe that its past occupants still inhabit the massive structure. Even experienced ghost hunters can get a chill while exploring this location. According to staff members, doors opening and closing on their own is a common occurrence, and there have been reports of poltergeist activity. Visitors to the solar room often feel a strong sense of being watched and avoid returning. The minstrel's gallery is said to be frequented by the ghostly figure of a monk, and mournful cries can be heard echoing through the museum and emanating from the preacher's room. We invite you to join our team for a spine-tingling ghost hunt at the haunted Commandery in Worcester.


History Of The Commandery 


Whilst the building can trace its origins back over 1,000 years to its time as a medieval monastic hospital, through the centuries it famously performed a vital role as a Royalist headquarters during the Civil War and for a time in the 19th century as a college catering to the ‘blind sons of gentlemen’.

The building attributed to Saint Wulfstan was a monastic institution designed to act as a hospital. It seems to have been established with the needs of travellers in mind. Its location, just outside the city walls beside the Sidbury gate, put it at the junction of the main roads from London, Bath and Bristol.

After serving its original function for nearly 500 years, the hospital was among the last monastic institutions to be dissolved by Henry VIII in 1540. From this date onwards,  the Commandery was to fulfil some vastly varied roles that would see it the focus of national events during the Civil War.

Even within living memory, this fascinating timber-framed building has seen several uses. Many will recall its life as the Littlebury Printworks, producing local trade directories among many other publications.

During the 20th century, the site was made up of several addresses, including 1 Commandery Drive, which was a private family home, and two small shops facing onto Sidbury (now the main entrance), one a wool shop and the other a sweet shop, which several local people have recalled as a favourite stopping point en route from school.

Littlebury’s closed its doors in 1973, citing the introduction of Value Added Tax for losing more than 50 jobs.

The company had been careful custodians of the historic building and was keen to see it enter public ownership.

After several months of negotiation, it was finally sold to Worcester City Council in October 1973, and a scheme to restore and convert the building to use as a ‘cultural and leisure centre’ was put forward. Initial restoration works took place before The Commandery museum opened in 1977. Over the years, significant results have been necessary, perhaps one of the most memorable being works to the frontage building in the late 1980s, when it was found to be structurally unsafe.


The Commandery Worcester Ghost Hunts

The Commandery Worcester
Ghost Hunt

Saturday 21st September 2024 8 pm Till 1.00 am
only £49.00 Per Person

Please Note:

Before booking this event, please read the following per our terms and conditions agreed upon at the point of sale. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening

Exclusive access after dark 

Group Vigils


Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks


There are two local pay and display car parks within a 2-minute walking distance of The Commandery Kings Street Carpark and The Commendary Pay and Display Car park. Both are 24 Hours 

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The Commandery in Worcester is a remarkable historical site that is known for its vastness and intriguing haunted reputation. This hidden gem is filled with secret rooms that hold countless mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of paranormal events and experiences at The Commandery. From thrilling ghost hunts and investigations to captivating ghost events and haunting nights, there is something for every ghost enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter or a curious individual looking for an unforgettable adventure, The Commandery offers a range of options to cater to your interests. Embark on overnight ghost hunts that will test your courage and curiosity as you explore the eerie corridors and hidden corners of this historic location. With its rich history and reputation for paranormal activity, The Commandery is the perfect setting for a ghost hunting experience like no other. Join like-minded individuals on ghost hunts in the UK or find ghost hunts near you to delve into the supernatural world that surrounds this fascinating place. For those seeking a haunted adventure, The Commandery offers paranormal nights that are sure to send shivers down your spine. Engage in paranormal investigations led by experienced professionals who will guide you through the haunted secrets of this location. Discover the ghostly tales and legends that have been passed down through generations as you participate in ghost nights that are both thrilling and educational. If you prefer a more structured approach, ghost hunting tours are available to provide you with a comprehensive overview of The Commandery's haunted history. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer a unique opportunity to learn about the paranormal phenomena that have been reported within these walls. Explore the hidden rooms and hear the chilling stories that have made The Commandery a renowned destination for ghost enthusiasts. In summary, The Commandery in Worcester is not just a historical site, but also a haven for those seeking paranormal experiences. With its vastness, hidden secret rooms, and a wide range of ghost-related activities, this location promises an unforgettable adventure for all who dare to explore its haunted depths.

The Commandery Worcestershire is the perfect destination for ghost hunting enthusiasts. With our ghost hunting experiences, you can spend the night with a difference. Our haunted weekends are designed to thrill and terrify, combining paranormal investigations with historical tours of the Commandery, a stunning Tudor building. Spend a night with us and discover the secrets of this iconic site.

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