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Alton Towers Ghost Hunt

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Alton Towers Ghost Hunt

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Ghost Hunts at the Eerie old mansion are excellent experiences for anyone wanting to explore the paranormal. Alton Towers can be thrilling yet terrifying for some; by night, this eerie location can become different; as darkness falls, Alton Towers Mansion brings a new atmosphere with dark energy. That is said to haunt here! On your Alton Towers ghost hunt, your screams turn from thrilling to chilling. This exciting ghost-hunting experience will take you into a bygone age as you ghost hunt around the impressive Towers and allow you to meet the past spirits and ghosts of the building.

The Banqueting Hall is particularly eerie and dismal, and holding a vigil here will leave you no doubt about the existence of the afterlife. The old kitchen area is haunted by the spirit of an older woman who dislikes men, and she will make her presence known to all men, making their experience here even more frightening.

Ghost hunting at Alton Towers ticks all the boxes for those wishing to encounter paranormal night. Join the team for an overnight ghost hunt in Staffordshire.

Hauntings of Alton Towers

Alton Towers, a spooky abandoned mansion, sits within the theme park’s grounds. These chilling haunted Towers have been investigated many times before, and every new investigation leaves you wanting more. Ghost hunts at Alton Towers are always a fantastic experience for all who attend these Paranormal Nights. Many Disembodied Voices and footsteps, shadows, and ghostly figures are a regular occurrence here, with an overwhelming feeling of being watched. If you dare, spend the night on an overnight ghost hunt experience with the Paranormal Eye Team!

Alton Towers in Staffordshire is known far and wide for its theme park, but the original Alton Towers Mansion still sits within the grounds and is known as one of the most haunted places in the UK. The Gothic shell of this once grand stately home is now home to many lost and lonely ghosts and spirits.

So much paranormal activity has been witnessed within the house ruins and surrounding gardens that Alton Towers has gained a well-deserved reputation within the Paranormal world as a truly haunted location. Dragging sounds from empty rooms, light anomalies seen with the naked eye, doors banging shut, and moaning sounds from the Great Hall have all been experienced on ghost hunts here. Many guests have also frozen in fear at this location.

Sadly, in the early 1900s, Alton Towers Mansion began its demise when a lack of funds prevented the family from taking care of all the maintenance on the house, and it was sold in 1924. Its contents were stripped and auctioned off, leaving an empty shell of what used to be a fantastic, stately home. With stories of tragedy and mystery, this building is the perfect location to explore the ghostly secrets of the past.

Over 3,000 years ago, the land was used as an Iron Age fort until about 700 AD, when a Saxon King called Ceolred Mercia set up his fortress on the grounds. This was besieged by King Ine of Essex in 716 AD. The bloody battle caused so much loss of life and bloodshed that it was renamed Slain Hollow, marked by an oriental water garden.

Eventually, after a turbulent history, Alton Towers was passed to the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1442 and redeveloped as a hunting lodge, by the Talbots, who were close to the country’s rulers then. The famous curse is part of the Hex Theme at Alton Towers, where a family member rejects the story of the old lady who asked for a coin. The curse stated that every time a tree branch fell, a family member would die inexplicably. Later that night, there was a storm where a unit fell, and a family member died. The Earl decided to chain the tree to stop the branches from falling, and this chain is still visible today.

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