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Wisbech Castle overnight ghost hunts

Wisbech Castle Paranormal Event - Dare to Investigate

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunts Paranormal Eye UK 

Join us in an exciting ghost hunt within the walls of a historic haunted castle in Cambridgeshire, dating back to 1087. Many long-lost spirits are said to reside in this daunting castle, which has been the site of numerous ghost sightings and stories. Other buildings, including a Norman Castle, once stood on this site. During previous ghost-hunting events, guests have reported extreme cold temperatures and disembodied voices emanating from deep underground in the vaults. Male solid energy is said to haunt the location, and strange lavender smells have been reported from the lower floor and underground passages. Our ghost hunt will take you back in time as we investigate the lower floor areas, including the terrifying vaults and underground passages. Be prepared to enter the darkness on this ghost hunt. This castle is known as the Castle of Nightmares for a reason. Who will we encounter this ghostly evening? A location where you will have to keep your nerve on this ghost night.

History Of Wisbech Castle 

After 1066, William the Conqueror established the mark of his authority in every important place, and the town of Wisbech, at that time on the sea, was deemed worthy of a stone fortress.

In 1236, both Town and Castle have swept away in a terrible inundation. The castle remained in ruins for the better half of a century, and then was rebuilt and became one of ten castles, palaces and manor houses attached to the See of Ely.

In the times of persecution, Wisbech Castle became a state ecclesiastical prison, incarcerating Catholics in the reigns of Elizabeth, James I and Charles I and Protestants in that of Queen Mary. Many were executed. It is possible even that the Gunpowder Plot was hatched at the Castle.

Since Wisbech was a Cromwellian area, the Castle, by now in a state of terminal dilapidation, was sold in 1658 to the Right Honourable John Thurloe, Cromwell’s Secretary of State. He had the ruined castle demolished and replaced it with a most elegant house designed by Peter Mills, a pupil of Inigo Jones.

At the Restoration, Thurloe’s Mansion reverted to the See of Ely and was occupied by members of the Southwell family over a period of a hundred and-five years.

Then in 1792 it was put up for sale, and purchased by Joseph Medworth, a former Wisbech Charity boy who had succeeded in business. He offered it for sale to the Corporation for the use of the Grammar School, but they declined. Medworth had the Mansion demolished. Using much of the same materials, he managed to replace it with the regency villa, which stands today.

Until February 2018 the building was managed by Cambridgeshire County Council. The building had declined and there was a real chance it would be sold into private hands and lost to the people of Wisbech.

Wisbech Castle Overnight Ghost Hunts

Wisbech Castle Cambridgeshire 
Ghost Hunt  

Friday 6th September 2024, 8pm till 1.00 am
Only £45.00 Per Person 

Please Note:

Before booking this event, please read the following per our terms and conditions agreed upon at the point of sale. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening

Exclusive access after dark 

Group Vigils


Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

Please Note:

Before booking this event, please read the following as per our terms and conditions agreed upon at the point of sale.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunt 

Get Directions To Wisbech Castle 

Are you a fan of ghost hunting? Wisbech Castle, located in East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, offers a range of thrilling experiences for ghost hunters. The castle is known as the "castle of nightmares" for a reason, with its haunted dark staircase and chilling atmosphere making it an ideal location for paranormal events and ghost hunting experiences. With the Paranormal Eye team, you can enjoy ghost hunting experiences, ghost tours, and paranormal nights that you will never forget. If you're looking for an unforgettable and spine-tingling adventure, Wisbech Castle is the place to be.

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