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From May 21 St 2021 we are now back and running events within Covid 19 Secure locations. We are working within the government guidelines however we are currently working at 50% capacity, and only 6 people to a room we work with 2 metres social distancing. Face coverings / face visors must be worn at all our events, Hand sanitiser is supplied in all vigil areas along with entrance and exit points. 

In addition to our terms and conditions with respect to this COVID-19 situation, we will not be offering refunds for any postponed events. However, you will be guaranteed the opportunity to attend on a future date when this situation has subsided or resolved . We will be in touch with you individually to inform you if your booking is affected by this outbreak.

Paranormal Eye UK for the past 8 years has held hundreds of events / ghost hunts welcoming thousands of guests into many of the Countries most haunted locations. At Paranormal Eye UK we take pride in offering you a safe and professional ghost hunt, from derelict old manor houses, to historical castles. Why not join us as we try to lift the veil and uncover the secrets of these haunted and mysterious locations. Armed with a torch and an open mind, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join us .... if you dare ?   

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Is there an afterlife ? Are ghosts/ spirits real ? have you ever had a paranormal encounter before ? or maybe something strange that you cannot explain ? The answers to these drive the Paranormal Eye Uk Team as we invite you to join us on a real and intense ghost hunt. The team travel around the Uk unlocking the gates and unbolting the doors on some of the most notorious haunted locations collecting validation and evidence of the Paranormal. Dare you join us and participate in vigils, seances and have use of various equipment in hope to capture your own proof of the paranormal.   

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Join the team for an evening of paranormal investigating at some of UK`s most eerie/creepy and haunted places. Keep an eye out as we add new locations daily.

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