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Paranormal Eye UK 

Your gateway to a truly amazing and unique ghost hunting experience 

Paranormal Eye UK has held hundreds of ghost hunts/ ghost hunting experiences and events for the past ten years, welcoming thousands of guests into many of the UK's most haunted locations. At Paranormal Eye UK, we take pride in offering you a safe and professional ghost hunt, from eerie old manor houses to historical medieval castles. Why not join us as we try to lift the veil and uncover the secrets of these haunted and mysterious locations. Armed with a torch and an open mind, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join us and be part of a terrifying ghost hunting experience …. if you dare

Allerton Castle Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Nights, Ghost Hunting Experiences

Allerton Castle Knaresborough 

Ghost Hunt

Saturday 2nd December 2023

Only £49.00 Per Person

The Commandery Ghost Hunts, Ghost Nights, Ghost Hunting Experiences

The Commandery Worcester 

Ghost Hunt 

Saturday 16th December 2023

Only £49.00 Per Person

Chettle Lodge Ghost Hunt, Paranormal Event

Chettle Lodge Dorchester 

Ghost Hunt  

Friday 19th January 2024

Only £49.00 Per Person

Ghost Hunts , Ghost Hunting Nights and Ghost Hunting Sleepovers 

Paranormal Eye UK Unique Ghost Hunting Experiences 

 Are you ready to encounter the darkness at some of the UK`s haunted and spooky locations? Can you challenge yourself and face your fears as you enter the unknown? Why not join us on one of our ghost hunting nights across the UK. We host events in many haunted buildings. We offer haunted castles, Dark, dismal and eerie prisons, Haunted mansions, houses, and Mills. Haunted Castles and mansions are a popular choice with many ghost hunters. We offer you exclusive access to those haunted locations with a small number of guests after dark.

Which Ever Ghost hunting night you choose, the paranormal eye team will be on hand throughout the night to ensure you have a safe and exciting experience.

Join us for a ghost hunting night, A ghost hunt supper, or a ghost hunt sleepover.

We look forward to seeing you after dark! 

Paranormal Nights, Paranormal Events and Ghost Hunting Experiences 

A Night With A Difference! Start Making Your Spooktacular Memories! 

Paranormal Eye Uk run professional and well organised along with structured ghost hunts; Our priority is ensuring that every guest has an excellent night of ghost hunting in some of the UK’s best-haunted buildings and locations.

We offer different styles of Vigils throughout the ghost night, from traditional vigils and seances to Kit based vigils. Our friendly and dedicated team are always at hand throughout the night to help give you the best ghost hunting experience.

Please look at our vast range of haunted locations; book your ghost hunt today online!

If you are looking for unique and custom ghost-hunting equipment, we highly recommend SpiritShack . They are a UK based company and have a good range of paranormal equipment to choose from.

Join the team for an evening of paranormal investigating at some of the UK`s most eerie/creepy, and haunted places. Keep an eye out as we add new locations daily. 

Why Not check out our haunted Locations 

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What Our Customers Say About Our Ghost Hunt Events 

Clitheroe Castle and Museum Ghost Night Lancashire 

I attended this absolutely brilliant night. Far exceeded my expectations—great job from those running the rooms. I will be doing another.

Julie Source Facebook 

Fantastic evening with a fantastic team; I love how you are laid back and let us all enjoy the night…. Great to see you again, Nicky, see you all soon

Kath Source Facebook.

I really enjoyed this night. Thank you to every one of the team for making us feel welcome. I had some amazing experiences, including a reading from nicky that was spot on. Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you guys again xx

Pauline Source Facebook. 

Elizabethan House Great Yarmouth Norfolk Ghost Night 

What an awesome night. To actually witness and experience spiritual activity was mind-blowing, and Elizabethan House didn't disappoint. Neither did the Paranormal Eye team. Their professionalism and friendly approach lifted our energy levels, allowing for enhanced spiritual activity.

It was a truly great experience, and I can't wait to do it again.

Paul Source Facebook. 

Falstaff`s Museum Stratford Upon Avon Ghost Hunt 

Well, what can I say, but omg, it was such an eventful night; I had my coat pulled 5times under the table in the attic, feeling very uneasy, and cold spots had fantastic table tipping, and evps got some strange mists caught on my photos. Thank you, Nicky and Sam, and all the other guests. Me and Jeff had a fantastic night and will definitely be doing this one again.

Helen Source Facebook. 

94 Friary Lane Nottingham Ghost Hunt The Robin Hood Experience 

It was an interesting night; I’m drained today, so I'm resting up. Lots going on, spirits talking to us, Charlie bear going off, the little bear being knocked over, one high up being triggered, great outcome. xx

Loraine Source Facebook. 

Graisley Old Hall Ghost Night Wolverhampton KNOWN AS THE HOUSE THAT CRIES 

Such a Great night, Nicky - I`m still buzzing from the excitement of all the activity.

Emma Source Facebook. 

Carew Castle Ghost Hunt Pembrokeshire

I had an investigation in Carew castle last night; great night, great people highly recommend going on one of these nights; thank you so much.

John Source Facebook.

We had a fun night and were wonderfully surprised by the results of glass work and especially the Ouija board.

Thanks to all who organised and took part

Dave Source Facebook. 

It was an amazing first experience; I’ve always believed but never experienced it, it was my first time, and I loved it. Next time I would like to do a bit more research on the place I go, so I can be more involved and think of more questions to ask, as I wasn't sure to say. But you guys did a fantastic job interacting with the spirits so we could see for ourselves. You'll definitely see me again when you’re down this way

Daniel Source Facebook.    

Guy`s Cliffe House Warwick Ghost Hunt

Fantastic night, I love this place, and I was so happy to be back out ghost hunting. Thank you to all the staff for such a great evening and to all the guests that we were teamed up with.

Kim Source Facebook. 

Smithills Hall Bolton Ghost Night Lancashire 

Amazing night! Thank you! 

Donna Source Facebook. 

Great night thank you

Kate Source Facebook.  

Great night thank you was interesting.

Sarah Source Facebook.

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