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94 Friary Lane Ghost Hunt

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94 Friary Lane, in Nottingham, is now home to the Robin Hood experience. However, this location has a long and chilling history of reported ghostly happenings. The house is believed to be haunted by at least five different spirits, making it a popular spot for paranormal investigations. Situated below the cellar is a deep cave/cavern carved from sandstone, which dates back to the medieval era and indicates that a former site or building existed here. It is no wonder that ghost hunts here can leave even the most hardened ghost hunters in fear, as Nottingham Castle sits at the top of the street. Over the 20th and 21st centuries, many businesses have used this location. It is said that one of the spirits is a male who can become extremely angry. The owners have reported finding taps turned on and electrical items malfunctioning. During previous ghost hunts and ghost nights here, dark shadows have been witnessed walking from room to room on the second floor, disembodied voices have been heard in the Friar Tuck room, and a distressed lady has been heard in the attic area. The paranormal eye team felt an overwhelming urge to visit the dark cellar and former cave deep below, where they believe male energy has a story to tell. Are you ready to face your fears and hold a vigil in the pitch-black cavern deep below this former building? Join us on this overnight ghost hunt for an intense experience.

History Of 94 Friary Lane

The current building was built as a family home, and you can see its stunning Georgian features from the outside.

94 Friar Lane, known as The Robin Hood Experience, sits quietly in the eyeshot of Nottingham Castle. There is evidence of what is thought to be a small cavern/cave hidden within the house’s foundations; there is extensive evidence suggesting this is a place of great historical significance. Secret tunnels to and from Nottingham Castle would have been established during the medieval period, and there is clear evidence of this when looking at the structure of this cavern. The house itself has had many owners over the centuries, and many of the owners have reported poltergeist activity.

Nottingham Castle is once-fortified in Nottingham, England, later replaced by a Georgian-era mansion. It was an important royal fortress and occasional royal residence in the Middle Ages. In decline by the 16th century, the original Castle was largely demolished in 1651 aside from its walls and gates. The site occupies a commanding position on a natural promontory known as "Castle Rock,” with cliffs 130 feet (40 m) high to the south and west, dominating the city skyline.

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94 Friary Lane Robin Hood Experience
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Complimentary light snacks

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Located at 94 Friary Lane, the Robin Hood Experience in Nottingham offers a range of thrilling activities for paranormal enthusiasts. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the supernatural, from ghost hunts and investigations to overnight ghost hunts and haunted adventures. Whether you're looking for a ghost hunting experience, a paranormal night, or a guided ghost tour, the Robin Hood Experience has something for everyone interested in the world of the paranormal

Paranormal Eye UK offers ghost hunting nights, paranormal events, and tours at some of the most iconic and spooky locations in the country. Our team of skilled paranormal investigators has years of experience exploring the unknown and discovering what lies beyond the veil. From the eerie caves to the haunted galleries of justice, we guarantee an experience that will keep you talking for years to come. Check out ghost hunts near me and join us on our next paranormal adventure.

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