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Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt

Discover the mysteries of Drakelow Tunnels, an underground labyrinth of deep and dark passageways.

The Drakelow Tunnels, located in Wolvey just outside Kidderminster, stretch for 3.5 miles and are filled with nothing but darkness and terror. This maze-like structure is pitch black and has been known to house many ghosts and spirits. Visitors on ghost hunts have reported terrifying paranormal activity, and many accidents have occurred here. If you're brave enough to embark on a paranormal journey, get ready to be scared. There is no light except for a torchlight to guide you.

Over the years, hundreds of visitors and workers have reported experiencing paranormal activity in the Drakelow Tunnels. On previous ghost nights, dark shadows have lurked around corners and doorways. Strange white mists have appeared, and people have been grabbed in the old kitchen. Torchlight has been seen coming down the tunnels with nobody present. Stones and bricks have been thrown, making this a place of haunted activity. We invite you to enter the darkness of Drakelow Tunnels for a ghost-hunting experience.e. Are you ready?

History Of Drakelow Tunnels

During the 1950s and the growing Cold War, the Ministry of Supply initially used the site for storage.

The Home Office developed around 1958 part of the site as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG9). It was publicly exposed in a demonstration held there by the West Midlands Committee of 100 in 1963. Under later Home Defence schemes, the bunker was designated a Sub-Regional Control (SRC), Sub-Regional Headquarters (SRHQ), and finally Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQ).

The site was extensively modernised in the early 1980s; only a tiny portion was designated for use. New blast doors were fitted in place of the previous wooden factory doors, and the interior of the site was refurbished in the areas forward of tunnel 4.

In about 1990, there was a plan to move the RGHQ to a much smaller bunker, formerly used by UKWMO, at Lawford Heath near Rugby. This never happened, and the Drakelow site was decommissioned and sold around 1993.

They were constructed as part of the Ministry of Aircrafts Shadow Factory Scheme for use by Rover in WWII and were primarily used as storage and workshops. After the War, the Government took the building and prepared it as a Nuclear Bunker for use during the Cold War. New rooms and equipment were designed to house local & National Government officials, plus armed forces and medical teams. Thankfully the war ended, and the bunker was sold off in the early 1990s.

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Drakelow Tunnels Wolvey Near Kidderminster West Midlands
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Complimentary light snacks

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The Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster, West Midlands, are renowned for their haunting and eerie atmosphere. These paranormal hotspots have caught the attention of the Paranormal Eye team, who specialize in investigating ghostly phenomena. With a plethora of paranormal events, ghost hunts, and investigations, the Drakelow Tunnels offer a thrilling experience for those seeking a brush with the supernatural.

Ghost hunting enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a variety of activities, including ghost hunting nights, overnight ghost hunts, and ghost hunting tours. These experiences provide an opportunity to explore the dark and mysterious tunnels, where countless paranormal events have been reported. The tunnels' history and reputation for being haunted make them an ideal location for those seeking a haunted adventure.

The Drakelow Tunnels also offer paranormal nights and ghost nights, where participants can engage in paranormal investigations. These events provide a unique opportunity to witness and document ghostly phenomena firsthand. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or a curious individual, the Drakelow Tunnels provide an unforgettable ghost hunting experience.

In addition to the ghostly encounters, the tunnels also offer ghost events and haunted adventures. These events cater to individuals who are fascinated by the supernatural and seek to delve deeper into the world of ghosts and hauntings. With a range of activities and experiences available, the Drakelow Tunnels are a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the paranormal.

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