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Strutts Edwardian School Ghost Hunt

Strutts Edwardian School Ghost Hunt

Strutt's Haunted School House, nestled in a secluded wooded area, was intentionally hidden from public view. Its eerie reputation was not without reason, as numerous accounts have surfaced of ghostly screams and echoes of shouting that seem to emanate from nowhere.

The Strutts Edwardian School is no stranger to paranormal activity, as numerous hauntings have been reported within its walls. This place is a hotbed for supernatural occurrences, from eerie apparitions to unsettling poltergeist encounters.
One of the most prominent spirits said to roam the school is that of a young girl. Witnesses have spotted her in different areas, and her blood-curdling screams have echoed through the North quadrant of the building. Another ghost, Black Alice,' is believed to have met her demise in the nearby Belper Workhouse. Staff members have caught glimpses of her in the South quadrant corridor, describing her as a dirt-covered girl dressed entirely in black. She walks along the walkway, seemingly defying the laws of physics as her feet pass through the floor.

However, the question remains: are the little girl and Black Alice the same, or does this school harbour multiple youthful spirits? In addition to these apparitions, two well-dressed gentlemen from the 1920s have also been felt within the building. They are often seen in the library and the old Headmaster's Office. One of these gentlemen is believed to be Mr. Strutt, the visionary behind the school, who returns to admire his legacy. The other is thought to be Mr. Tunnicliffe, the school's inaugural Headmaster. With reports of poltergeist activity, such as doors opening and closing on their own and handles rattling by unseen hands, the Strutts Edwardian School is undoubtedly a place that will test your courage if you dare to investigate its haunted mysteries after dark.

History Of Strutts School

George Herbert Strutt, a prominent cotton mill owner and philanthropist, resided in Belper, Derbyshire. His family had a prosperous cotton business in the region, which significantly contributed to the economic growth of local villages and towns. As a result of his success, Strutt was appointed as the High Sheriff of Derbyshire later in his life.

In 1907, Strutt embarked on a noble endeavour to construct a new elementary school in Belper. This educational institution aimed to provide underprivileged children from the town and surrounding villages with access to education. After obtaining the necessary planning permission, the school was built in the architectural style of the Workhouse building, situated across the main road. The construction of the school amounted to a total cost of £20,000, and it officially opened its doors in 1909. The inauguration was graced by the presence of the Duke of Devonshire, who performed the ceremonial opening. Mr. W. W. Tunnicliffe served as the school's first Headmaster until his retirement in 1936.

Alderman Strutt continued his philanthropic efforts by funding an extension to the school in 1914, which incurred an additional expense of £10,000. Over time, the school evolved from a Higher Education School to a Grammar School in 1936. During the tumultuous period of the Second World War in 1940, the school played a crucial role in providing education to evacuees who arrived in Belper by train. These evacuees attended classes in the morning, while local Belper pupils attended in the afternoon. The school underwent several transformations in subsequent years, eventually becoming the Herbert Strutt Middle School in 1973 and the Herbert Strutt Primary School in 1986. Although the primary school relocated in 2008/9, the building found a new purpose as a community venue, the Strutts Centre, managed by a charitable organisation.

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Strutts School Belper Derbyshire

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