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Hull Humberside Ghost Hunts

Ghosts / Hauntings

Hull Humberside Ghost Hunts

Hull / Humberside Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts Hull: Why not experience the paranormal and join the paranormal eye UK team for a ghost hunting event. Ghost Hunting in Hull is enough to send shivers down your spine! With haunted locations like old funeral parlours or old forts. Wherever takes your fancy in Hull, Paranormal Eye Uk, investigates the most haunted places in the UK. Hull has some haunted locations for you to participate in a ghost hunting event. Join the team as we take you on a ghost hunt to see who truly haunts these buildings. Check out the locations below for further details on our Ghost Hunts Hull Events.

Annison Funeral Parlour 

Annison Funeral Parlour Hull is said to be an extremely haunted location. A Building that many refuse to enter alone. Your ghost hunt at this old haunted parlour could see you lying on the old embalming table left behind. Screams, cries and moans have been reported on previous ghost hunts. Are you brave enough to hold a ghost hunting vigil here?

Fort Paull Hull Ghost Hunts

Ghost hunts at fort paull are certainly not for the faint-hearted; with its vast history, it’s no wonder this location is said to be riffed with paranormal activity. on previous ghost hunts here at the old fort, dark ghostly figures have been reported along with mysterious shadows, disembodied voices and scratching from within the tunnel walls.

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With well over 10 years of Organising Overnight ghost hunts. Paranormal Eye Uk has a seen thousands of guests across many haunt nights. We host Ghost nights, paranormal Evenings across the UK. Ghost investigations in Castles Museuems, Why not check out our ghost hunting events today and book your haunted evening

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