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Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts

Ghosts / Hauntings

Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts

Explore the haunted depths of Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts, an area that will send shivers down your spine.

Experience Incredible Paranormal Events With Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts

If you are someone yearning to experience a paranormal event once in your lifetime, Lincolnshire is the best place to visit! Being among the most historical counties in East of England, this place undoubtedly has a lot to offer. And it's not ghost-hunting events that you have to look forward to.

The county will keep you busy with its charming village, beautiful landscape and bustling market towns. And if you want to have a paranormal investigation, you are in for a treat! You can visit the dark and mysterious side of this incredible country with a deep history. But remember, the overnight ghost hunt is not for the faint-hearted!

Want to know more about where you can go for ghost hunting in Lincolnshire? Here are your best options! 

Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunt

This incredible property spanning over 10 acres was once home to Lady Beryl Groves. However, some believe that she may still be present. Visitors to this hidden gem, accessible only through a secluded woodland entrance, are not the only ones to have experienced paranormal events. 

Although this abandoned building once symbolised despair, it has since been renovated by new owners. Despite the renovations, the corridors, living quarters, butler's pantry and stables still emanate a chilling atmosphere. For those interested in conducting a paranormal investigation, the concealed tunnel area awaits. Prepare to embark on a frightening yet intriguing ghostly adventure from the moment you enter the property.

Boston Guildhall Lincolnshire

It is impossible to avoid discussing this place when we think about ghost-hunting events in Lincolnshire. People travel from far and wide to participate in overnight ghost hunt events here, and for good reason. This medieval building has witnessed far too many paranormal happenings to be dismissed as mere coincidence or imagination. Visitors have reported sightings of full-bodied female apparitions and children dressed in period clothing. Many who have entered the building for an overnight ghost hunt have fled the area in fear.

The Old Nick Gainsborough

When it comes to ghost-hunting events in Lincolnshire, one place that inevitably comes to mind is this medieval building, which has witnessed countless paranormal occurrences, making it a popular destination for overnight ghost hunts. Visitors have reported sightings of full-bodied female apparitions and children dressed in period clothing. Many who have embarked on an overnight ghost hunt at this location have fled in fear due to the intensity of the paranormal activity.

Lincoln Prison

Join us for an unforgettable paranormal experience at the most prominent site for paranormal investigation. The walls of Lincoln Prison have witnessed the absolute worst, and the spirits of the past can still be heard crying out for the agony they experienced. Your overnight ghost hunt will be sure to leave you terrified. We guarantee that the experience will exceed your expectations.

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