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Littledean Jail Ghost Hunt

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Littledean Jail Ghost Hunt

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Littledean Jail in Gloucester, renowned as the Alcatraz of the Forest, boasts a rich history steeped in crime and punishment. Over its 225-year existence, this multifaceted establishment has served as a courthouse, police station, and prison. Its notoriety as a paranormal hotspot has attracted countless ghost hunters who have encountered spine-chilling phenomena such as slamming doors, heavy footsteps, and eerie shadows. Littledean Jail has undeniably become a favoured destination for those seeking otherworldly encounters. Embarking on a ghost hunt within these haunted walls promises a genuinely terrifying journey. Brace yourself, for once you enter, there is no escape. The spectral manifestations at Littledean Jail are diverse and unsettling. Witnesses have reported sightings of a spectral figure clad in a green uniform inexplicably vanishing through solid walls within the old courtroom.

Additionally, the presence of ghostly children has been both heard and seen in the lower wing and lower corridor. The holding cell, encased in glass, reverberates with unexplained bangs, adding to the eerie ambience. These are a few examples of the myriad paranormal occurrences that await those who dare to venture into this realm of the supernatural. Paranormal Eye UK, renowned for its expertise in the field, conducts vigils and experiments within the most active areas of this former house of correction. The evidence they have amassed thus far is nothing short of astonishing. Numerous individuals have reported encountering the face of an elderly man peering at them from the darkness. Strikingly, this recurring description has been echoed by multiple guests across various events. The allure of Littledean Jail's spectral inhabitants is undeniable, compelling visitors to return time and again, always leaving with more than they anticipated. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable encounter with the unknown as you step into the haunted realm of Littledean Jail. Are you ready to be locked in?

History Of Littldean Jail 

Littledean Jail, situated in the Royal Forest of Dean, is prominent in the county's history as a former house of correction, police station, and courthouse. Renowned as the "Alcatraz of the Forest," this extraordinary visitor attraction captivates the public's attention with its unorthodox nature. Notably, it houses the exclusive "Crime Through Time Museum," the world's only museum accessible to all. Moreover, Littledean Jail boasts an extensive collection of memorabilia from the iconic 80's film "QUADROPHENIA." Interestingly, life within the confines of Littledean Jail offered a relatively better existence than the harsh realities faced by the Forest community. In the 18th century, the majority of individuals residing in and around the Forest of Dean endured destitution, disease, illiteracy, and abject poverty. However, those incarcerated within the walls of this institution were guaranteed necessities such as food, shelter, and even rudimentary education, primarily focused on Catholicism. Designated as a Grade II listed building, Littledean Jail was meticulously crafted by Sir George Onesiphorus, a pioneering figure in prison reform, and the esteemed architect of the time, William Blackburn. Completed in 1791, the prison came under the supervision of William Hobson, Blackburn's brother-in-law, following the former's demise. Although the construction of Littledean Jail commenced in 1788, it faced a temporary setback due to financial difficulties, leading to a brief halt. However, the project was eventually completed by J. Fentiman from London. During its time, Littledean Jail became the government's benchmark for exemplary correctional facilities. The renowned Philadelphian Cherry Hill Penitentiary System in America drew inspiration from this very establishment. Standing tall with its formidable sandstone facade, Littledean Jail has withstood the test of time, preserving its historical significance for centuries. It is a poignant reminder of the arduous labour, sacrifice, and determination invested in its construction. Beyond its role as a prison, this architecturally significant edifice holds a special place in history. It stands as a testament to the first inmate admitted within its walls and the countless stories unfolding within its confines.

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