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Norfolk Ghost Hunts

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Norfolk Ghost Hunts

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Norfolk Ghost Hunts | Ghost Hunting Events 

Ghost Hunts and ghost hunting experiences in Norfolk with Paranormal Eye Uk, ghost hunt in Norwich and ghost hunting events Kings Lynn, ghost nights  in haunted Thetford you can also go ghost hunting Swaffham as well in Norfolk.

Gressenhall Workhouse Ghost Hunts / Norfolk Ghost Hunting Events 

Paranormal Eye UK will be ghost hunting at the notoriously haunted ‘Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse’ located in Dereham, Norfolk. It was first opened during the summer of 1777 to start a ‘house of industry for the poor. Men were employed to cultivate the farm, and women would have spun worsted and hemp under the watchful eyes of Master James W Moore and Matron Margaret Moore, James’ wife. This building has not let us down yet, with many areas to investigate.

The ‘house of industry’ was later transformed into a workhouse after changes in the ‘Poor Law Amendment Act’ in 1834. A new classification system meant that men, women and children were separated. Work would include domestic chores for women such as laundry and kitchen duties, and highly physical labour for the men, such as breaking up stones to be carted away or pumping water. Conditions were so unpleasant that paupers would have done everything they could to avoid living in the workhouse. Although on the plus side, healthcare and education were also on offer to inmates so that it would have been beneficial to all. It was not unusual for people of a poor disposition to enter the workhouse purely for medical treatment in the infirmary! Gressenhall was in operation as a workhouse until 1948. It then served as an old peoples’ home for a short period. Then in 1976, it became the museum you see today, attracting up to 80,000 visitors per year!

Elizabethan House Ghost Hunts / Great Yarmouth Ghost Hunting Experiences 

Why not come and join the Paranormal Eye Uk team on our investigation at the Elizabethan House. The house was built around 1596 by Benjamin Cowper, who resided there until 1635 when he sold the house to John Carter.

One of John Carter’s friends was Oliver Cromwell, who frequently visited his friend here.

These premises became a regular meeting place for Parliamentarians during the Civil War, and it is here, allegedly, in November 1648 that the fate of King Charles I was decided. Ghost Hunting at Great Yarmouth can be a genuinely terrifying experience. 

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With well over 10 years of Organising Overnight ghost hunts. Paranormal Eye Uk has a seen thousands of guests across many haunt nights. We host Ghost nights, paranormal Evenings across the UK. Ghost investigations in Castles Museuems, Why not check out our ghost hunting events today and book your haunted evening

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