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The Station Hotel Ghost Hunt

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The Station Hotel in Dudley, UK is reputed to be the most haunted hotel in the West Midlands. Ghost hunters from Paranormal Eye UK consider it a must-visit location due to its long history of reported paranormal phenomena and apparitions. The hotel's dark, vast cellars are particularly eerie, and many unexplained happenings have been witnessed here during ghost hunts. The paranormal activity is so intense in Room 214 that many guests have fled in fear and refused to return to retrieve their belongings. Would you dare to explore this vast haunted location during an overnight ghost hunt?
Room 217 is known for its terrifying poltergeist activity, a common occurrence. Many guests refuse to stay in this room due to their fear. Do you have the courage to face your fears and participate in a ghost-hunting vigil here in the dead of night?

The History of the Station Hotel
Dudley, or Dudley as it used to be called, was predominantly a mining area. Dudley Castle was situated on top of lime-stone workings. The area became known as “The Black Country” because of the mining and industrial trade, such as chain mailing. Part of the chain used on the infamous Titanic was made in Dudley.

The railway station opened in 1850; the central hotel was called “The Castle”. In 1896, a meeting was called to discuss the building of a new hotel, which was to be known as “The Station Hotel.” the license was granted, and Wolverhampton & Dudley Brewery proposed the building be situated on the corner of Birmingham Road and Trindle Road.

The hotel partially opened on the 28th of May 1898; the building was black and white with a courtyard and stables. The main entrance for horses and carriages is now situated on the corner of Trindle & Castle Hill. At the time, it had a fountain where the traffic lights are now. Carriages and later cars could drop people off right outside, in front of the main doors.

The fountain outside the building had been moved from its original site at the top of Castle Hill, making way for “The Earl Of Dudley’s” statue. The horses would have used the fountain as a drinking site before moving.

Opposite the Hotel, “The Opera House” opened in 1899; it brought the wealthy upper classes to Dudley, who would often frequent the Opera House in their masses.
In 1933, The Opera House burned down, bringing a sad demise and the end of an era. Eventually, it was to be replaced by a fine modern theatre, renamed “THE DUDLEY HIPPODROME”. The same year the theatre opened its doors in 1936, “THE STATION HOTEL” was extended and modernised. Many of the big stars that appeared at the Hippodrome chose to complement their visit to the Black Country by residing at The Station Hotel.
One story of this era is that he stayed at the hotel when George Formby was staring at the Hippodrome. A large crowd of fans gathered to get a glimpse of the star. And he reportedly performed for the group from the balcony of his suite! Other celebrities staying at the Station Hotel include BOB HOPE, LAUREL& Hardy, and JONNY RAY. The hotel was considered very upper-class and modern for the era.
In the 60s, the hotel was modernised, and a cocktail bar opened upstairs. In addition, a function room bar was added downstairs-this was reputed to be the longest bar in the country at the time! An elderly gentleman reminisces that after watching shows at the Hippodrome, he and his wife would long to visit The Station Hotel for an after-show drink but recalled that they could not afford to drink in such an upmarket establishment.

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