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Ghost hunts across the UK are becoming more and more popular, So what ever location takes your fancy your sure to be in for a great experience. From a range of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings with many secrets, To sinister underground tunnels and caves. Ghost hunts across the East and West Midlands will certainly leave you wanting so much more. Delve in the paranormal with our professional and friendly team.  Check out ghost hunting in some of the UK`s most haunted locations with Paranormal Eye UK.


Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire 

Gresley Old hall is well known for its many years of hauntings, Many people have reported a young girl dressed in period clothing many believe that she is the spirit of a young maid who lost her life when this location caught fire. There is also a spirit who many report to be a tall angry man who certainly does like to make his presence known, many people get an overwhelming feeling to leave certain areas and refuse to go back this is extremely common in one of the rooms on the second floor. The Attic area is also a very daunting area dark shadows are often witnessed here darting around the doors and standing in corners. Poltergeist activity has occurred here  in the attic area.


St Mary`s Guildhall Coventry 

St Mary`s is said to home to many ghosts, The one this  location is most famous for is the hooded monk which was believed to be captured on a photograph in the great hall here back in 2014. Strange ghostly footsteps wandering up the many staircases are often reported, Monks chanting is often reported coming from one of  the side rooms near the main hall. The feeling of being watched, many people have reported the feeling of  being strangled. This is a location whenever you walk you will, feel you are  being watched by unseen eyes ! Poltergeist activity is common in the crypt. 


Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire 

Beaumanor hall Ghost Hunts Paranormal Eye Uk Ghost Hunts

Beaumanor Hall situated in the remote village of Woodhouse just outside Loughborough. Is reputed to be extremely  haunted there have been many sightings of ghostly apparitions from a coachman who hung himself in the attic.  to a female who has been seen  wandering the upper floor from the main staircase, many believe that she  is wife of William Perry Herrick. Poltergeist activity has been reported in the main dining room on the lower floor by staff members. Two female staff members reported a plate flying of a large table and smashing when nobody present. Dark shadows have been witnessed and reported in the cellars.


St John`s House Warwickshire 

St Johns House has a rather eerie feel to it. The house itself stands on the site of a former house which some of that can still be seen with some of the original initials carved in a old wooden door frame. Over the years this house has had many purposes from a family home to a hospital and an all girls school. In the 1970`s some of the land was sold off and workmen were digging out foundations when all work came to a complete stop when part of a human skull was found. Many believe that since this occurrence paranormal activity has been apparent. Poltergeist activity is very common in the attic where cupboard door handles have been heard turning and then doors opening in front of people.


Guy`s Cliffe House Warwickshire 

This is truly  historical and eerie location,  
Guys Cliffe house is a remote location totally isolated from the outside world, only allowing a few visitors a year through its gates this is truly a hidden gem. This location offers many areas to investigate with caves, cellars, house ruins, masonic chapel and secret underground chambers. The name  Guy's Cliffe originates from the name of the country house and estate that the land belonged to, which in turn was named after the cliff which the house itself was built on. The house has been in a ruined state since the late 20th century.Ghost hunts here at this magnificent house are a truly terrifying experience. 

The Guildhall, Leicestershire 

Leicester Guildhall has a dark and sinister history dating back to 1390, The ancient rooms here hold so many untold stories, There has been many reports of manifestations here at the guildhall, many people have had to leave rooms feeling extremely unwell, upon the leaving that area they feel very well again. Many people have reported feeling what appears to be a child like hand in their pocket. A young lady is said to mainly roam and wander around the old victorian cells. A very tall dark figure of a male is often reported many feel a strong sense of fear when his presence is sensed many believe he was a former surgeon. 


Alcester War Memorial Museum Warwickshire 

This Location Is Situated in the heart of Alcester, Warwickshire, Paranormal activity has been occuring at this location for many years, Dark Ghostly Shadows are often seen within this building, sudden drastic temperature changes along with strange cries and sounds of old metal chains often heard.  Having been constructed in 1641, the Town Hall has a great atmosphere with exposed beams and wooden floors. The Town Hall was originally an open market, which was eventually filled in to create a covered market, and it was made home to the town 'lock-up', the door of which is still on display, alongside the town stocks. 


Dudley Castle, Dudley West Midlands 

This Castle is said to be one of the most haunted buildings within the West Midlands, There have been numerous reports and sightings of a grey lady whom many believe is Dorothy Beaumont, many sightings have been reported within the Castle grounds, along with a ghostly apparition of young boy dressed in period clothing which many believe he is a drummer boy from the civil war, on certain occasions he has been seen and the sound of him playing his drums. The Castle`s undercroft is an area known for paranormal phenomena, many people become overwhelmed by the feeling of being unwell during vigils in this eerie chilling part of the Castle. 


The House That Cries, Wolverhampton 

This old eerie location Old Graisley Hall  was named by Midland news as the  'The House That Cries' due to pools of water mysteriously appearing in the old hall, this unexplained phenomena has been experienced four times not only by the current owners, but also by visitors to the house on the odd occasion that it was opened up.  This old  house has been at the receiving end of chilling whispers and moans and groans for many years. The Owners who reside on the opposite end of the site have experienced poltergeist activity and strange swirls of mists and lights. Spend the Night inside this harrowing Building. 


Old Shire Hall, Warwickshire 

Warwick Court and the Shire Hall is situated in the centre of the historical town of Warwick, This vast daunting location has had a very long history of ghostly activity. This has 2 large old courtrooms, many cold and eerie holding cells and a dark cold 17th Century Dungeon. The Sheer darkness of this old building is enough to send shivers down your spine. We believe an intense ghost hunt here will leave you wanting more and answers to what took place at this gruesome location. The sheer feeling within the dark cold holding cells is certainly a truly unreal feeling. Are you ready to enter Warwick old Courts. This location is rarely investigated.


Grendon Hall, Northamptonshire 

Grendon Hall generally dates back from the seventeenth century when it became rebuilt through widespread hatton compton, despite the fact that sure in advance components of this ancient constructing date returned to the 1570's. There were many abnormal happenings internal this Historic Grendon Hall . From darkish shadows wandering across the hallways, the sound of disembodied cries had been heard, drastic surprising temperature changes and the sound of footsteps coming from empty doorways . Are you geared up to experience your paranormal encounter ?

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster, West Midlands

Drakelow tunnels is located in a hidden place outside kidderminster inside the west midlands. These tunnels were constructed as a secret underground military base 3.5 miles of a network of corridors, dormitories, workshops and places of work for the military . These tunnels have no outside natural night and no electricity so your only source of light is your torch light !. Be prepared to investigate away in the abyss of those of tunnels. Ghost hunts here are very popular due to activity, poltergeist activity is very common, The sound of heavy footsteps and the sound of blast doors being slammed shut is very common here. 


Ashbourne Town Hall, Derbyshire 

Ashbourne Town hall is in the heart of Ashbourne, this building was built in 1861 and stands on the previous built Talbot Inn. This location is a hidden gem with an array of many rooms. The ballroom here is known for its disembodied voices, on many occasions the door has been seen and heard slamming shut from unforseen hands. The upper floor kitchen dark tall black figures have been seen, and some have reported seeing figures in the upper floor windows. The main hall is known for its sudden drastic temperature changes, many people feel extremely uncomfortable here alone.   


The Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath Derbyshire 

The grand pavilion is located in matlock bath, derbyshire and is said to be home of many spirits, some are said to be angry and others just mischievous. The cellar right here is truly not an area to undertaking alone, many guests report being pushed and shoved some report the feeling of being grabbed across the throat. The mischievous spirits are believed to be the children who are often heard playing in the corridors. Unexplained mists, lights and sudden temperature drops are all not unusual here. Are ready to face your fears, enter into the past of the pavilion This location is real must for any serious ghost hunter. 

SteelHouse Lane Old Lock Up, Birmingham West Midlands 

Spend the night time inside this harrowing huge antique police station, this vicinity has a completely eerie sense and that`s with the lighting on ! The feeling of worry hits you upon entering and despite the fact that this vicinity now sits empty, you definitely have the feeling that your not on your own ! 
The lock up has a protracted records dating back to victorian times , steelhouse lane police station became built to maintain 50 of the west midlands most hardened criminals, red West was one of the many held here. 
Be part of the paranormal Eye crew as we go in search for those who haunt this antique lock up.


Tutbury Castle, Tutbury Derbyshire 

 As with many castles, haunting`s go hand in hand. Tutbury Castle is one of a kind in that element, ghost hunts right here can be a truly terrifying experience, Guests have witnessed a tall dark ghostly figure and many report and document that he honestly does make his presence known !. The king’s chamber is one of the most haunted rooms of the Castle. Stated to be haunted with the presence of a little woman who likes to hold people's hands and tug their clothes. Orbs and abnormal lighting are frequently visible in this room. 


Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton West Midlands 

Tettenhall towers is located in wolverhampton inside the west midlands, this location is a huge building with many rooms and a large grand front Entrance Hall. The Cellars here are known for its poltergeist activity, the entrance hall has an overwhelming feel of fear, heavy footsteps and large bangs are often heard on command. Paranormal Activity has been happening here for many years from sudden drastic cold spots and growling heard , visitors have felt pushed and shoved. Are you able to face your fears and enter the towers ? 


Are you brave enough to encounter the darkness or challenge your fears some of the most terrifying locations that the UK has to offer?  If so then join us now as we carry out overnight ghost hunts in some of the UK's most haunted buildings which include abandoned asylums, haunted old hospitals, spooky mansions, haunted houses, terrifying castles and so much more. Ghost hunting across the UK in some of the most haunted locations.

We welcome all ghost hunters, those who have done it many times before and those who are new to ghost hunting and are brave enough to challenge their fears for the very first time.

Paranormal Eye hold many ghost hunts across some of the UK's most sinister haunted locations. Join us as we aim to make contact with the spirits that reside within these buildings and as we attempt to unlock some of their dark hidden secrets.
Paranormal Eye Uk consists of extremely friendly and dedicated paranormal investigators and mediums who work tirelessly throughout the evening to give you the best ghost hunting experience possible.
Experience over the years has taught us that many of things that happen on the Investigations are not always paranormal. However we have also encountered many things that we cannot give plausible explanations for, many of our guests have experienced many strange and unexplained encounters.
Although we cannot guarantee, any paranormal activity at any of  the locations, We will work extremely hard to give you a great night. No trickery or role playing just pure paranormal investigating.
We have many locations, and we add new locations daily so please subscribe to the site for regular updates and newsletters. 
Ghost Hunting in some of the UK`s most haunted locations with Paranormal Eye UK 


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Ghost Hunts across the UK in Many of the UK`s Most haunted and sinister locations.

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Ghost Hunts across the UK in Many of the UK`s Most haunted and sinister locations.

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