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Nottinghamshire, situated in the heart of the East Midlands, is renowned for its diverse selection of public and corporate ghost hunting events. At the forefront of these spine-chilling experiences is our team, Paranormal Eye, specialize in organizing captivating adventures within haunted houses, historic mansions, and eerie castles, among other intriguing locations. Whether you seek a ghost hunt during the Halloween season, a weekend escape, or a comprehensive ghost hunting tour, we have you covered. Our events extend beyond Nottinghamshire, encompassing cities such as York, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and London. In fact, we have even welcomed guests from far-flung destinations like Australia, the USA, and Europe. With a wide range of activities ranging from charity ghost hunts to explorations of haunted castles and prisons, we offer an all-encompassing array of paranormal investigations. Join us for an unforgettable ghost hunting experience and capture evidence of paranormal activity. Ghost hunting is a popular interest for many, and Nottingham is an ideal destination, steeped in history and waiting to be explored. Welcome to the home of ghost hunting.


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Spend the night inside the haunted George Jarvis School in Hereford. Steeped in untold history, with ghostly sightings, this is a real must for anyone wanting a ghost hunt. Explore the dark corridors and rooms of this eerie building, and experience the spine-tingling feeling of being in presence of the unknown. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to uncover the secrets of the George Jarvis School.

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The reputation of The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham as a hub for paranormal activity is well-deserved. The history of misery and suffering within its walls has left a lingering energy that haunts the building. We challenge anyone to spend a night alone in some of the most terrifying areas of this location and not be affected by the overwhelming sense of fear and dread that permeates the atmosphere.
The medieval cave beneath the prison is a place that has consistently instilled fear in us during our overnight ghost hunts. The atmosphere is suffocating, and the sense of foreboding is palpable. It is as if the weight of centuries of misery, torture, and despair hangs heavy in the air. The mere thought of spending the night alone in this terrifying location sends shivers down our spines.

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Strelley Hall, located in Nottingham, is renowned for its eerie and unsettling history. With origins dating back to the 13th century, this haunted house boasts a multitude of rooms waiting to be explored. Beneath the surface, a labyrinth of chilling cellars adds an extra layer of intrigue, enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most fearless ghost hunter. Embark on an overnight ghost hunt at Strelley Hall and immerse yourself in a truly paranormal experience. Engage in experiments aimed at establishing contact with the lingering spirits that are believed to still roam these haunted halls. Brace yourself for a hair-raising adventure as we delve into the mysteries of Strelley Hall under the cloak of darkness.

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These caves, once utilized as bomb shelters during the tumultuous times of the Second World War, bear the scars of their history. It is said that the echoes of explosions can still be heard by those who venture into their depths, as if the past is haunting the present. Visitors have even reported being startled by stones raining down upon them, as if they were dislodged by bombs dropping from above. Beyond these unsettling occurrences, the Nottingham caves have become a hotbed for alleged paranormal activity. Countless reports have surfaced of disembodied voices echoing through the darkness, sending shivers down the spines of those who dare to listen. Shadows, thick and foreboding, dance along the cave walls, leaving visitors with an unshakeable sense of being watched. Amongst these spectral encounters, the ghostly figure of a weeping woman, adorned in Victorian attire, has been sighted, adding an extra layer of mystery to this already haunting location.

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94 Friar Lane, now known as The Robin Hood Legacy, is located in the shadow of Nottingham Castle. The house has recently revealed the presence of a hidden small cavern within its foundations, which has sparked great interest due to its potential historical significance. The structure of the cavern provides clear evidence of secret tunnels that were likely established during the medieval period, connecting the house to Nottingham Castle. Throughout the centuries, the house has changed hands numerous times, but it currently serves as a tribute to Nottingham's renowned figure, Robin Hood.

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Step into the unknown and explore the paranormal with our Haunted Areas service. Our team of professional ghost hunters will guide you through some of the most haunted locations across the UK. From exhilarating paranormal nights to overnight ghost hunts, we offer a range of unforgettable experiences. So, join us and discover the unknown.

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