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Spend the night time with Paranormal Eye Uk on a actual ghost hunt at a number of the United Kingdom’s sinister, haunted and eerie locations. will you be able to face your worse fears and spend the night in a haunted building? If yes then be a part of the team for an evening, and join the many who seek evidence from the otherside, explore these many harrowing locations and be part of a unique expansion of ghostly activities which include table tipping, glass divining, lone vigils, séances and ouija boards. The nights is yours and you can take part throughout the whole event. If you are a pro ghost hunter or a newcomer you are constantly welcome at any of Paranormal Eye's investigations. 

We host events at some of the most reputable haunted locations together with castles, mansions, tunnels, dungeons and deserted buildings within the United Kingdom 

We pride ourselves on many guests returning and we are always trying to upload extra locations to our listing of events. 

We offer great ghost hunting nights in lots of haunted places throughout the United Kingdom.

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Old Gresley Hall ghost hunt paranormal Eye UK

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire Friday 21st December 2018 

Old Gresley Hall Ghost Hunts Derbyshire ghost hunts Paranormal Eye UK

Old Gresley Hall,Derbyshire  Friday 4th January 2019 

steelhouse lane paranormal eye ghost hunt

Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, Saturday 12th January 2019 

dudley castle ghost hunt

Dudley Castle, Dudley Saturday 26th January 2019 

leeds town hall paranormal eye uk

Leeds Town Hall, Leeds Saturday 2nd February 2019

Tettenhall Towers Ghost Hunts Paranormal Eye UK

Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, Saturday 9th February 2019

ancient ram paranormal eye ghost hunt

The Ancient Ram Inn, Saturday 16th February 2019 

derbyshire ghost hunts paranormal eye uk

Ashbourne Town Hall, Derbyshire, Saturday 2nd March 2019 

Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster ghost hunts Paranormal Eye UK

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster, Saturday 9th March 2019 

The Abandoned Park Hotel Morecambe ghost hunts Paranormal Eye UK

The Abandoned Park Hotel, Morecambe, Saturday 16th March 2019 

Old Gresley Hall Derbyshire Ghost Hunts

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire Friday 22nd March 2019 

revesby abbey ghost hunt paranormal eye uk

Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, Saturday 23rd March 2019

Guys Cliffe House Ghost hunt Paranormal Eye UK

Guy`s Cliffe , Warwickshire, Saturday 30th March 2019

Shire Hall, Monnouthshire, Saturday 6th April 2019

Old Gresley Hall Ghost Hunts Paranormal Eye UK

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire, Saturday 13th April 2019 

beaumanor hall ghost hunt paranormal eye uk

Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire Friday 3rd May 2019

revesby abbey paranormal eye uk ghost hunt

Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, Saturday 18th May 2019

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire, Friday 24th May 2019 


Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire Friday 14th June 2019 

Guys Cliffe House Paranormal Eye Uk Ghost Hunt

Guy`s Cliffe, 

Warwickshire, Saturday 22nd June 2019 

old gresley hall ghost hunt paranormal eye uk

Old Gresley Hall,Derbyshire  Saturday 13th July 2019 


Revesby Abbey,Lincolnshire,  Saturday 27th July 2019

old gresley hall paranormal eye uk ghost hunt

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire, Friday 9th August 2019 

old gresley hall ghost hunt paranormal eye uk

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire Saturday 7th September 2019

st john mansion paranormal eye uk ghost hunt

St Johns House, Warwick, Friday 13th September 2019 

Beaumanor Hall Leicester Ghost Hunt Paranormal Eye UK

Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire, Friday 11th October 2019 

Guy`s Cliffe, Warwickshire, Sunday 27th October 2019


Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire, Friday 15th November 2019

Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, Saturday 23rd November 2019

Guy`s Cliffe, Warwickshire, Saturday 30th November 2019


Ghost Hunts Across the UK with Paranormal Eye UK 

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<meta name="title" content="Overnight Ghost hunts Paranormal Eye UK"> <meta name="description" content="Spend the night inside some of the UK`s most haunted and eerie locations, From old abandoned and derelict buildings to haunted Prisons. Can you become a real ghost hunter and enter some of the most harrowing and sinister locations ?"> <meta name="keywords" content="Overnight ghost hunts, ghost hunts Morecambe, ghost hunts Derbyshire, ghost hunts Morecambe Winter Gardens, Ghost hunts Warwick Castle, Ghost hunts in derelict buildings, overnight ghost nights, ghost hunts Leicestershire, ghost hunts Northamptonshire, Haunted buildings, Ouija Boards, Paranormal investions, Woodchester Mansions ghost hunts,"> <meta name="robots" content="index, follow"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <meta name="language" content="English">

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