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Haunted Schools

Ghost Hunts Schools

George Jarvis Haunted School

A School with a Haunting Past!

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Herefordshire's George Jarvis former boarding school stands as a haunting and deserted relic. Constructed in the late 1850s, this grand gothic school was designed to provide boarding facilities for underprivileged children. With over 40 rooms spread across the eerie cellars, ground floor, first floor, and second floor, the main building offers a multitude of chilling spaces. Additionally, the extensive outbuildings and the presence of a schoolhouse on the premises provide ample opportunities for even the bravest ghost enthusiasts to uncover spine-tingling areas.

Ghost Nights At George Jarvis School

The building has gained a reputation for instilling fear in anyone who enters, and even the children who attended school there in the past reported experiencing paranormal activity. Many children were afraid to go to the building and walk through its dark halls. In addition to its educational purpose, the building has a history of serving as a hospital for the American Army and later as a youth hostel. Locals often claim to have seen the spirit of George Jarvis, who appears angrily from a top window. He is believed to be unhappy because his fortune was not used to construct public buildings as specified in his will. With sightings of people still walking the corridors and objects moving on their own, we can expect an extraordinary night!

Strutts Haunted School Belper Derbyshire

A Harrowing Haunted Past 

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The Old Haunted School in Belper, Derbyshire continues to be a popular destination for ghost hunters. Renowned for its eerie atmosphere, this location is not for the faint-hearted. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied screams and shouts, experiencing sudden cold breezes, and feeling as though they are being touched or watched. Local legends have even given a name to the dark entity that is said to wander the school's corridors - "Black Alice."

Ghost Nights At Strutts School Derbyshire

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