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North East Ghost Hunts

Ghosts / Hauntings

North East Ghost Hunts

Uncover the mysteries of the supernatural with North East Ghost Hunts, a leading organization in the United Kingdom specialising in paranormal investigations.

 Ghost Hunts North East England / Ghost Nights 

Are you looking to go on a ghost hunt in the historical and vast region of the North East of England? Paranormal Eye Uk Offer some Fantastic spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter in some of the North East’s main destinations; ghost hunt at the Castle Keep! Book your ghost hunting experience today.

Newcastle Keep Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights / North East England Haunt Nights 

Uncover the horrifying history and hauntings of the castle from which Newcastle gets its name.

From a fort to a court, Newcastle Castle has played a significant role in local justice throughout its 2,000-year history and is one of England’s most haunted castles and prisons.

Hear the gruesome details of actual hangings, see the site of the 1694 Newcastle witch trials and follow in the fateful last footsteps of the ruthless Victorian serial killer Daniel Feany.

Inside the Castle Keep, join paranormal investigators as they use new-age ghost-hunting equipment to contact the spirit of Poppy the Flower Girl and the vengeful Black Monk.

Descend the narrow stone steps to the execution pit for a chilling séance you’ll never forget – if you live to tell the tale.

Bensham Grove Ghost Hunts / Gateshead Ghost Hunts / Paranormal Events 

Steeped with untold history, it is no wonder this location is riffed with spooky happenings! This location has received hundreds of reports of paranormal, from full-bodied apparitions to poltergeist activity doors opening and closing by unseen hands. Dare you join the team here?

Vane Tempest Hall Durham Ghost Hunts 

They say it is built on a mass grave.

And if you spend long enough in Vane Tempest Hall, you'll almost certainly hear - or even feel - something which will send a shudder down your spine.

The Grade II-listed Durham venue is believed to be very haunted. Yet that hasn't stopped people paying to spend the night there – hoping to catch a sight ghost.

. Built in 1863 as a military barracks, it later served as a smallpox hospital and was even used by the Scouts.

But there have been reports of "howling" on-site -and grisly rumours about what lurks beneath.

"There were rumours of a mass grave and that there are bodies beneath it, so it has quite the history,"

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With well over 10 years of Organising Overnight ghost hunts. Paranormal Eye Uk has a seen thousands of guests across many haunt nights. We host Ghost nights, paranormal Evenings across the UK. Ghost investigations in Castles Museuems, Why not check out our ghost hunting events today and book your haunted evening

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